Wandering About: Barcelona 2009 – 2012


Welcome again, to another week of Wandering About. I’ve been showing some amazing places that I’ve been at, but I thought that it was time to share some photos from the place I’m currently in: Barcelona! Though, technically, I live outside of the city right now.

I first set foot in Barcelona in January 2009, when I came to perform the lab analysis of my master’s samples. I was lucky enough to come with a friend, who was also doing a stay at a lab in this same university – it was a huge coincidence, and we only found out on the day before that we would actually be on the same flight to the city.

2009 was also the time I saw the most of the city, because I had company probably, but also, when you actually live somewhere, you don’t get in such a hurry to visit some stuff… Look at Park Guell – before you had to pay to get in – still one of my favorite spots in the city.

See that guy in red in the penultimate photo? That guy was hot and cute and was smiling like hell, and I was trying to actually get a photo of him. I have several, all of them from really far away. Me and my friend had a fun day! Also, here is the most known market in Barcelona, La Boqueria:

When I finished my master’s work, I went back home, and then I returned to Barcelona in December 2011 to complete my enrolment in the Doctoral program here at the university.

In September 2012 (3 years ago), I moved here again. I was here for just a week or so, when my cousin came to visit me, and I was able to actually see a bit of the city again…

And that’s it! Barcelona is a gorgeous city, it truly is. I have to collect my most recent photos and do a post just about the old part of the city, The Ramblas, and the Gothic and the sea front… it’s lovely. But usually when I go there, I’m not in tourist mode, I’m in “I want to do something” mode, so I end up not taking photos of nothing… I will though, before I leave for good.