Wandering About: Barcelona 2009 – 2012


Welcome again, to another week of Wandering About. I’ve been showing some amazing places that I’ve been at, but I thought that it was time to share some photos from the place I’m currently in: Barcelona! Though, technically, I live outside of the city right now.

I first set foot in Barcelona in January 2009, when I came to perform the lab analysis of my master’s samples. I was lucky enough to come with a friend, who was also doing a stay at a lab in this same university – it was a huge coincidence, and we only found out on the day before that we would actually be on the same flight to the city.

2009 was also the time I saw the most of the city, because I had company probably, but also, when you actually live somewhere, you don’t get in such a hurry to visit some stuff… Look at Park Guell – before you had to pay to get in – still one of my favorite spots in the city.

See that guy in red in the penultimate photo? That guy was hot and cute and was smiling like hell, and I was trying to actually get a photo of him. I have several, all of them from really far away. Me and my friend had a fun day! Also, here is the most known market in Barcelona, La Boqueria:

When I finished my master’s work, I went back home, and then I returned to Barcelona in December 2011 to complete my enrolment in the Doctoral program here at the university.

In September 2012 (3 years ago), I moved here again. I was here for just a week or so, when my cousin came to visit me, and I was able to actually see a bit of the city again…

And that’s it! Barcelona is a gorgeous city, it truly is. I have to collect my most recent photos and do a post just about the old part of the city, The Ramblas, and the Gothic and the sea front… it’s lovely. But usually when I go there, I’m not in tourist mode, I’m in “I want to do something” mode, so I end up not taking photos of nothing… I will though, before I leave for good.


12 thoughts on “Wandering About: Barcelona 2009 – 2012

  1. impossiblegirl123 says:

    I totally get the wanting to do something and then not taking any pictures. During my time in the States I only took pictures on trips and my parents wanted to see photos so bad. But I was like “how many pictures do you take in your day-to-day life?” Not that many … Well, I ended up running around school with my camera at some point. Now I wish I had even more pictures, but I still have a lot hahaha

  2. Josephine says:

    My wanderlust is going into hyper drive over this post! Barcelona looks so gosh darn beautiful my eyes are tearing up! This is wonderful, it’s great that you got to visit multiple times and also for studying purposes. It’s lovely studying in such a beautiful place.

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