I’m leaving, on a airplane…

… But I’ll be back in a week! LOL. I’m leaving today to go HOME!!! Oh yeah, I’m really needing a few days with family and friends. I’ve already packed and came to 2 startling realizations, first, every single t-shirt I set aside to take with me (a.k.a. my most worn pieces of clothing) are all fandom related! Yup!


Second realization, my suitcase has around 27 books inside right now… and the only purpose of even taking clothes is to not damage my precious books!

IMG_20150917_230257 DSC04678

My TBR shelf here is considerably lighter, but I can’t hold on to all my read and unread books here, so I just left those that I’ll probably get around to in the next 3 months.

I’ll probably ease up on the posting in the next few days, I suspect I’ll have a somewhat filled week, between helping my brother and sister in law furnish their new house, seeing some friends that I haven’t seen in months, being with my sister, hugging my nieces – because I miss the both of them so so much, and obviously, spending some time with my dad (I live in his house and all…). 😀

But I’ll be around and I’ll be on twitter a lot (because I’m hooked!) !

31 thoughts on “I’m leaving, on a airplane…

  1. Cátia says:

    I’ve been looking for that first Harry Potter shirt for months now and haven’t buy it yet… But I have the exactly same Ravenclaw shirt that you have and brought it with me for these weeks home XD…
    I hope you have a good time =D!

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