Tiny Pleasures #9


Hello! Another month has just wrapped up, and I thought it was about time I did my Tiny Pleasures feature, which I had said I would do monthly instead of weekly. The Weekly Small Pleasures is a weekly feature created by A New Life Wandering.

ily_1. The Community

First and foremost, one of the biggest things that made me smile this past month were you guys. I has a not so good moment, which I shares here on the blog, and you “listened” and were super supportive. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders just by having the knowledge that I could share and that it was all ok.

2. Home & Family

Yes, home always makes it onto this list each time I go there. Going is a pleasure itself. But family… This time coincided with my brother and sister-in-law, who both live in Angola, being in Portugal as well. And, with my sister and her husband to come to Lisbon because of that. So, I had all my siblings in one place and that very rarely happens – usually just around Christmas or my grandmother’s anniversary.

3. A game day

A lot of things on this list happened during the short week I was in Portugal, this one was a great way to start. A game day, I, if you’re reading this, that was a lot of fun! BANG!

4. #AEJreadsQoS – The Buddy Read

I’ve mentioned this on my Wrap-up as well, but damn-it, this buddy read of Queen of Shadows was the most fun I had reading in forever. I had never done one buddy read before, but I know that I’ll do it again in a heartbeat with these 3 ladies (Josie, Erika and Anjie). My twitter feed was insane, it even woke me up sometimes during the night, and I didn’t care. SO.MUCH.FUN!

5. XBOX 360 & Dance Central

Man, I had almost forgot how much I love my Xbox and the Dance Central game! My brother’s new (empty) house and his 65′ TV were perfect for a night playing this again. We wrapped it up at 2 a.m. and I looked like I had run a marathon and my hair like it had just gotten out of the shower… worth it!

6. Starbucks

One of the perks of being home, is going to my usual Starbucks and be able to get my drinks just as I like them – because they know – and getting a frequent customer discount. I mean, cheaper tall hazelnut (1 pump) soy cappuccino with kids temperature?! Count me in!

7. Amazing books and book hangover

Two books for you: Ignite Me and Queen of Shadows…WOW! And with two of my favorite ships ever! Advert your eyes because there will be spoilers for both series. But Warnette and Rowaelin! Am I right?! PERFECT!

(source – look at those smiles :D)

8. Freepik and Inkscape

What have I done with my life??? I had been poking around Freepik for a while, but those are vectors and my photoshop abilities are 0! But a couple of days ago I decided to try Inkscape and at first my skills there were also nule, but then I figured out some stuff… I still have no idea how to create anything, but modifying it is another thing entirely and I’m doing it. Actually, I have done virtually nothing else yesterday (except work for a bit). I wasn’t happy with my headers and banners, and now I found a combination of colors that I like, I’ve added 100+ fonts to my computer and I’m doing stuff!

9. Travel Planning

It’s T – 4 days! In 4 days I’ll be going to the airport to catch the first plane on my way to South Korea and I’m so so excited!

34 thoughts on “Tiny Pleasures #9

  1. Lydia Tewkesbury says:

    I love this feature! Buddy reading sounds like a lot of fun. I’m glad you’ve had such a good month in the community of bloggers. Have a amazing time in South Korea. How long are you going for?

  2. Prim says:

    Hey Cristina, I wanted to say that I love your blog. Its quite inspiring and the images that you have added are quite brilliant. Do those colorful images (The tiny pleasures with the coffee cup) come with the theme or do you make them?. If you do make them I should say its very lovely

  3. Josephine says:

    This is such a cute feature! AND I love your new images for this post! So cute too!
    And Rowaelin is love and life 👌😍 Our buddy read was definitely a tiny little pleasure – more like a BIG pleasure – for me too! 💕

  4. readersandmore says:

    This feature is so amazing! Buddy reading sounds like so much fun! How long are you going to South Korea for? The blogging community is absolutely amazing and more then I ever expected 🙂

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