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JHey! Today I bring you a Blog Award! Jordan @I Will Never Own Enough Books nominated me for a Starlight Blogger Award – thank you so much Jordan. Make sure to go and check out her blog, ok?

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The Original Questions:

1. If you could meet anyone from throughout history, who and why?

Wow… tough question right there, especially considering how I’m not good in History… at all. But I would probably like to meet one of the big portuguese writers, Luis de Camões, Gil Vicente or Fernando Pessoa.


2. What is your favorite book and why?

One? Oh… nop, I can’t!

3. Who is your favorite fiction character from any medium and why?

Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds is probably high top on my list. Reid is fantastic, he’s smart, funny, loyal, caring, did I said smart? Like crazy smart! And he goes by Doctor. So, him. Also, he’s played by Matthew Gray Gubler, and I have a huge crush on him.

Jordan’s Questions:

1. What is something, not necessarily that you regret, but wish you could do over?

I would go back to my 3rd year of college and I would do over that and the 4th years (and so on). I don’t regret anything in particular, but a lot of things went wrong those years and I know I could have done things differently – not that I think I acted wrong, but I would probably care less and see people for who they really are, so some stuff wouldn’t get me as hard as it did.

2. Why do you like to read? And don’t just say because it’s fun! Make it mean something!

I like to escape reality. Sure, it is fun, but I like to enter a life that it’s not my own, and getting to know all these people and places outside my realm of possibility.

3. Who is your person?

This is a tough one, really. I should say my best-friend, and in some points she is “my person”, and I think I’m her person as well, even though she claims I’m not her best friend. (It’s all very weird)…

My Questions:

I liked Jordan’s questions, so do you mind if I keep them?

1. What is something, not necessarily that you regret, but wish you could do over?

2. Why do you like to read? And don’t just say because it’s fun! Make it mean something!

3. Who is your person?

My Nominations:


Rikki (Hart University #1) (Abigail Strom)

Ever since junior high and an ill-fated game of seven minutes in heaven, Rikki Eisendrath and Sam Payne have hated each others’ guts. But when they end up at the same college—and the same dorm—they figure it’s time to declare a truce.

They even become friends… sort of. But when Sam asks Rikki to model for his sculpting project, they start spending more time together—and her feelings for him get more complicated.

She tries to focus on the guy she’s been crushing on instead. But Sam’s the one she can’t stop thinking about, even though their arguments are starting to heat up as much as the chemistry between them. 

With antagonism and attraction this intense, there’s bound to be an explosion. But when the dust settles, will Sam and Rikki be enemies, friends… or something more?

Pub Date: September 22nd 2015 

I received an eArc from the author through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I started to read Rikki while I was waiting to board my plane from Barcelona to Paris, and finished it within the first couple of hours of my plane ride from Paris to Seoul – mind you, I didn’t read on the first plane, nor while in CDG airport – I was about to collapse from sleep deprivation at that point. Somehow, even though I was super tired, and the lights from the cabin were super dimmed, I was so immersed in this book that I used the tv screen from the seat in front of me as a light provider in order to finish it…

At first I was having a bit of a problem getting into the narrative, mostly due to the writing style, but once I got used to that, the novel flowed quite well, easy and fast.

I really liked the inclusion of so much diversity within this book, and I liked especially the lack of sexual-shaming and the sex-positive view that it tries to convey.

Moving on, Rikki and Sam, …, they were still in highschool and I just wanted to slam their heads together because it was so clear that Sam liked her since they were 13. I mean, poor guy, really… I loved their relationship development, how slow it was, how they became friends despite all their animosity at first, until she finally realised her feelings for him. Once again, his were clear as day, except for her, obviously.

I really liked their scenes together, and once she began posing for him and sleeping in his room, it got even better. I did have a couple of problems with a couple of things, one is by him (months earlier) and it’s just weird, and then I have a problem with her reaction (if you’ve read it you know her reaction to what…). I could easily ignore her behaviour at the art studio, though I didn’t quite understood all her anger, and I definitely understood why he did what he did, when he thought he had no chance with her. But for such a smart couple of people, they sure were a bit dumb about each other…

I was glad about how it ended, though I didn’t think the rose petals were all that necessary… I’m very curious about the next books, and I’m sure I’ll keep reading this series.

Rating: 3.6 Stars