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JHey! Today I bring you a Blog Award! Jordan @I Will Never Own Enough Books nominated me for a Starlight Blogger Award – thank you so much Jordan. Make sure to go and check out her blog, ok?

The Rules:

1. Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.

2. Answer the 3 original questions and then the 3 new questions from your nominator given to you.

3. Nominate your 6 favorite bloggers! In your nominees I would like for you to think at the light emanating from the stars the ones that truly touch your soul with their work, the ones that are the light for you a true STARLIGHT Blogger.

4. Please pass the award on to 6 or more other Bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated by you.

5. Include the logo of the award in a post or on your Blog, please never alter the logo, never change the 3 original questions answer that first then answer the 3 new questions from your nominator and never change the Award rules.

6. Please don’t delete this note:

The design for the STARLIGHT Bloggers Award has been created from YesterdayAfter. It is a Copyright image, you cannot alter or change it in any way just pass it to others that deserve this award.

Copyright 2015 © – Design by Carolina Russo”

The Original Questions:

1. If you could meet anyone from throughout history, who and why?

Wow… tough question right there, especially considering how I’m not good in History… at all. But I would probably like to meet one of the big portuguese writers, Luis de Camões, Gil Vicente or Fernando Pessoa.


2. What is your favorite book and why?

One? Oh… nop, I can’t!

3. Who is your favorite fiction character from any medium and why?

Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds is probably high top on my list. Reid is fantastic, he’s smart, funny, loyal, caring, did I said smart? Like crazy smart! And he goes by Doctor. So, him. Also, he’s played by Matthew Gray Gubler, and I have a huge crush on him.

Jordan’s Questions:

1. What is something, not necessarily that you regret, but wish you could do over?

I would go back to my 3rd year of college and I would do over that and the 4th years (and so on). I don’t regret anything in particular, but a lot of things went wrong those years and I know I could have done things differently – not that I think I acted wrong, but I would probably care less and see people for who they really are, so some stuff wouldn’t get me as hard as it did.

2. Why do you like to read? And don’t just say because it’s fun! Make it mean something!

I like to escape reality. Sure, it is fun, but I like to enter a life that it’s not my own, and getting to know all these people and places outside my realm of possibility.

3. Who is your person?

This is a tough one, really. I should say my best-friend, and in some points she is “my person”, and I think I’m her person as well, even though she claims I’m not her best friend. (It’s all very weird)…

My Questions:

I liked Jordan’s questions, so do you mind if I keep them?

1. What is something, not necessarily that you regret, but wish you could do over?

2. Why do you like to read? And don’t just say because it’s fun! Make it mean something!

3. Who is your person?

My Nominations:


36 thoughts on “Starlight Blogger Award

  1. impossiblegirl123 says:

    That’s a new one! I haven’t even heard of it before! Thanks so much for nominating me 😀 I’ll try and get to it as soon as possible – awards with actual questions are easier to do than the ones with facts hahaha
    And just for clarity: you would have totally been on my list of nominees if you weren’t the one who nominated me!!!

  2. Cátia says:

    Thanks for the nomination 🙂 . Anyone that doesn’t have a crush on Matthew Gray Gubler has serious problems and Spencer Reid is one of the best characters ever XD

  3. Jordan Bates says:

    I absolutely love your answers! I loved that you loved my questions enough to reuse them lol I thought really hard about those ones and just happened to be watching Grey’s Anatomy when I wrote them :]

  4. fiddlerblue says:

    I love Spencer Reid, I wish I can read as fast as he could, and I can’t imagine anyone else playing him besides Matthew Gray Gubler. But my favorite Criminal Minds character is Hotch followed by JJ. 😀 and haha, the favourite book question is a classic unanswerable one!

  5. Melanie Noell Bernard says:

    I love your reason for reading. I share the same desire for reading: to escape the bored and tired world be live in (not that I’m asking for an apocalypse to spice things up or anything! 0.0) But it’s always great to see new worlds and people have done with them. ^.^

    Aw! I’m sorry to hear about your last years of college. It sounds something like what I went through, but the important part is that you made it out, you know the truth, and you can move forward from here. ^.^ Always look forward… towards the second star on the right and on ’til morning. :p (Sorry… I’m way excited for the new Pan movie. Haha!)

  6. Summer @ Xingsings says:

    Thank you for the nomination, Cristina! I’ve never heard of this award until now, but wonderful answers! But I’m a little confused with “Who is your person?” I did read your answer though. Does that question mean someone that is a part of you? Sorry! It’s either because it’s 4:00 am in the morning and I’m not thinking properly or because… I’m just not thinking properly in general. Haha. XD

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