Wandering About: Seoul 2015!

wandering about

HELLLOOOO!!!! From Seoul! Yes, I’m still in Seoul, though not for much longer – I’m leaving tomorrow to Kyoto, Japan. But I though that while I’m here, and I had a couple of hours (or I made sure I had them), that I would share with you some pictures and some thoughts about my trip.

On my first day out on town with friends, we wandered to the TrickEye Museum in Seoul, then to the Ice Museum – it was freaking cold – and to the Hello Kitty Cafe!

The TrickEye Museum… so damn fun!

I love the city. I wasn’t really expecting anything, but Seoul surprised me. The city is gorgeous, clean, super organized and the people are super super nice and so polite! The only small problem we had was that most people do not understand a word of English, so getting a cab or getting lunch was always a huge endeavor.

Let’s talk about the food people… I have such mixed feelings about it! My first experience was a bit weird, I had a business dinner with my mom and her group, and I ended up sitting in front of 3 of the hosts, and the dinner had like 30 different dishes, and they kept putting food on my plate that I couldn’t NOT EAT! So I ate it all, and while some stuff was good, other was OK, and eating Jellyfish was not ever in my life plan. But I did. And a lot of other stuff that I can’t even tell you what it was. In the end, I came to a huge conclusion: Korean food is super spicy and Soju is very ok.

But after that, I managed very well with all the Korean food, though Kimchi is still very hot for my taste. Other than the main dishes, I’m a bit in love with everything green tea related, especially green tea ice latte. And the cakes and desserts… Oh My God!!! Rice cakes with fruit? Ohhhh, heaven!

Insadong @Seoul

Gangnam @Seoul

On to some cultural stuff…

Gyeongbokgung Palace @Seoul

Cheonggyecheon Stream @Seoul

N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower) @Seoul

And finally, some random photos of me and Seoul by night.

Oh my… so many photos! I hope you enjoy 😉 , next post will be from Japan!

Blast From The Past: Animated Series From My Childhood


Today I bring you a different kind of Blast From the Past. Instead of musics, I present to you the animated series that were a huge part of my life while growing up.


I loved the X-Men animated series. It was the thing that made me buy comics and get into the whole superheroes thing.

Sailor Moon

I was obsessed with Sailor Moon, actually, I still am. I saw it every single day, in Portuguese, Spanish and Galician… crazy, right?

Samurai X

I need to re-watch Samurai X, I had a blast watching this.

Attack No. 1

Did I ever mention how much I love Volleyball? Well, I do, and I loved this anime too.

Ace wo Nerae

In Portuguese the girl’s name was Maria, and I loved to watch this for the romance 😀 .

Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds

Ok, honesty time, I know the whole theme in Portuguese, by heart. We used to have to sing it in college pranks 😀 . I always loved “Dartacão e os três Moscãoteiros“.

The Three Musketeers (Sanjushi)

I loved this one and I used to watch it when I was 5/7 years on the school breaks. The great this about it was how Aramis was actually a girl. What a game changer!