Wandering About: Kyoto to Tokyo 2015

wandering about

Quick post today people… Hello!!! I’ve arrived at Tokyo. But before we got on the train, we went to Fushimi Inari Shrine in the morning. You all know the shrine, it’s the one featured in Memoirs of a Geisha, it’s the one with all the toriis.

There are a lot of toriis in this shrine, I read that it’s about 4km and 2 hours to go through them all… and up up they go! I managed about 1/3 – 1/2 of the way up, by then I was sweating profusely and I realized that jeans are not ideal to climb that. Be warned people, no jeans! I also knew that my mom was at the base waiting for me and I had been gone a long time, so I had to go back. It is beautiful though, and if I EVER return, I’ll be climbing all the way up.

Also, a lot of Hello Kitty’s all around the Shrine! And Rice Cakes with Red Bean filling? Delicious!!! Then it was time to catch the shinkansen to Tokyo. Tokyo seems so gorgeous so far, so different from Kyoto though. I’ll post pictures of it tomorrow.

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Hey!!! It’s time for an Blog Award post 😀 .  Michalah @Cape Town Dreamer  nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award – thank you so much! So, here’s how it works…


1. Display the award on your blog
2. Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who awarded you
3. Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award
4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded
5. Write seven interesting things about you.


1. I should be in bed right now, instead I’m scheduling posts for the next couple of weeks, to make sure that the blog will be alive while I’m away – you’ll read this on the 18th, but that not when I wrote it 😛 !

2. I also just finished packing, and realized that I didn’t brought enough formal clothes from Portugal. Again, by the time you read this, I’ll be in Japan, and the clothing won’t matter anymore! 😀

3. I might be slightly addicted to Twitter… I know understand why I avoided it for years.

4. I’m super late on all my TV Shows and I don’t like it. But at the same time, I like the extra time for reading… decisions, decisions.

5. I love to bake and I miss it! I think I gave this fact a couple of times already… oh, well… I also love to cook.

6. I knitted the 4th Doctor scarf! I reduced it a bit, but it’s still large as hell. I did it for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebration in London.

7. I don’t own many fandom things, but I do have 10th’s Sonic Screwdriver and Hermione’s wand.

That is it! I won’t do the tagging, ok? I have no idea who has this one, it has been around for a while now. 😉