Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Trailer (finally!!!)

Oh happy day!!!  huge thank you to Cátia @The Girl Who Read too Much, who let me know on twitter that the trailer was finally out.


The trailer looks awesome! Krysten Ritter looks amazing, as always, and super different from all the roles I’ve seen her in. Luke Cage!!! 😀 I’m glad to see that he’ll have a huge role on this series as well as his own (maybe we’ll get to see Jessica Jones on his?!). But the creepiest part of the trailer is (without a doubt) David Tennant’s voice as Killgrave… he gave me chills.

24 thoughts on “Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Trailer (finally!!!)

  1. Cátia says:

    After reading your last posts about Jessica Jones I knew that you were anticipating this trailer and I had to show you when I saw it on Twitter 😛 . I love David Tennant but he creep me out in this trailer

  2. Melanie Noell Bernard says:

    Oo!! Ugh, why must you post amazing looking TV show trailers? Goodness knows I barely got time to watch what I already have on my list. :p (Daredevil is still on my TBW). Even so, this looks good and I generally love the characters that Krysten Ritter plays. Should be interesting to watch!

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