PopSugar: 50 Signs You’re Addicted to Reading


Yesterday I came across this amazing list on PopSugar, 50 Signs You’re Addicted to Reading, and wow, it matches! So I thought I would share it with you. The original link is above and none of the images belong to me.

1. You find yourself dropping character names into everyday conversation as if they’re your friends. – I’ sorry, aren’t they?!

2. You regularly say no to social engagements to read. – Hmmm, yep, true!

3. You’ve spent hours in a bookstore. – And I would spend a lot more if there were more english bookstores here in Barcelona.

4. You are a member of two or more book clubs.

5. You’re super tired at work because you stayed up way too late reading just one more chapter, and then another. – Guilty as charged…

6. You’re always making your partner or friends crazy by reading aloud lines from the book you’re reading.

7. You can’t wait for the weekend to have two days of uninterrupted reading time. – hell, yes, please, I desperately need those. Sometimes I take a day during the week, if I really want to finish my current book…

8. You look forward to long flights because you can get some good reading in. – Hmmm, yes! Best thing ever to do on planes.

9. You get more than a little defensive of your favorite authors. – true, and of my favorite characters too…

10. You lug around paperback and hardcover books in your purse all day. – Usually paperback because I don’t buy that many hardcovers, but yes, whether it is in my backpack, or my handbag, a book is always there.

11. Reading causes you to miss your bus stop on a regular basis.

12. You’ve been late to work to finish a book.

13. You’ve slept on the couch to keep reading when your boyfriend wants to go to bed.

14. You know the book will be better than the movie before it’s out. – Most likely, though there are a few exceptions.

15. You bring books to parties. – See nr 10: I take books everywhere!

16. You’ve read more books than seen movies in the last month. – Shamefully, yes, I’ve read a total of 7 books this month already and I think I watched 2 movies…

17. You’ve sunk into a state of depression after finishing a really good book (also called a “book hangover”). – Not really depression, more of a constant need to have that book on my eyesight and hold it, and read it and not letting go… Ignite Me, I’m looking at you!

18. You avoid going to lunch with co-workers so you can read while you eat instead. – Ups, yes! I do this EVERY SINGLE DAY! I usually go down to the bar so I don’t have to sit in the common room and make small talk, and then I even go to the bar that is farther away, so none of my teachers will interrupt me while reading.

19. You’ve ended friendships over book disagreements.

20. There are literally piles of books in every room of your house.

21. You bring home way more library books than you can actually read before they’re due.

22. You spend a majority of your vacation time reading, and that includes your honeymoon.

23. You will kick someone out of book club if they don’t read the book.

24. You’ve made your love of reading permanent.

25. Your Pinterest boards are basically a visual library.

26. You always have at least two books ready to read once you finish one. – Isn’t that what large TBRs are for?

27. You get excited when a book you love is over 1,000 pages because you know it will last longer.– Ohhh, there are some books that I’ve read that I wish were 1000 pages… End of Days for instance… (Penryn and Raffe, I’m not willing to let you go 😦 )

28. You don’t want to reread books because they won’t count toward your Goodreads goal.

29. Almost every day you think at one point “I’d rather be reading.” – Several times during the day really…

30. You literally wear your love of reading. – Harry Potter for life!

31. You start to ration your reading when a book you love nears the end.

32. You email publishers asking for advance copies of books. – Thank God for Netgalley…

33. You read in the car even if you get carsick. – Lucky me, I don’t get carsick!

34. Your friends know which bookstore is your favorite because you spend so much time there.

35. You spend more time on Goodreads than Facebook. – Latelly yes! My GR page is always open nowadays…

36. You won’t give up your seat on the subway because you can’t read if you’re standing in a packed train. – True *super ashamed of that*

37. You put your Kindle in a Ziplock bag so you can read it in the bath/swimming pool on vacation.

38. When the ending of a book is bad, you take it really personally.

39. You know that ebooks will never replace real books. – They never will, physical books are the best, but damn it, I love my Aelin (that’s the name of my Kindle, ok?)

40. Sometimes you sound like a broken record trying to convince your friends to read your favorite book. – Yep yep… How many times have I told you lot to read The One Thing?

41. Nothing beats when the books you’ve been dying to read are in stock at the library.

42. You will forget to eat, sleep, and breathe when you get to the climax of a book.

43. People try to tell you to “get out more.” They just don’t understand. – “so what did you do all day?” “oh, I stayed home reading” “again? why don’t you get out more?”… every single time…

44. You have multiple editions and versions of your favorite books. – and I even have multiple editions of books that I never read…

45. Your second-favorite activity after reading is organizing your bookshelves.

46. You ALWAYS have a book on you . . . just in case. – ALWAYS!!

47. Reading while walking has caused some near disasters. – This I cannot do…

48. You’ve yelled at loved ones for bothering you while you were reading. – YES! While on vacation with my mom I literally told her she couldn’t talk to me… I made her choose, she either had the TV on (which was bothering me) or she could talk, both things would not fly while I was finishing my book.

49. You’ve definitely fallen in love with characters in a book before. – *sigh* oh yes… Jem… Rowan…

50. When you complain about your arms being sore, people assume you’ve been working out. But you know the truth.

So people, tell me, do you identify with any of these? Which ones?