Seven Nights to Surrender (Jeanette Grey)


By day, he’ll show her a side of Paris not found in any guidebook. By night, he’ll introduce her to a passion beyond her wildest dreams. In this sensuous story of indulgence and desire, Jeanette Grey delivers one of the most romantic reads of the year and proves why she is fast becoming a must-read star. 


Kate arrives in Paris hoping to find inspiration. Instead she finds Rylan. In a swirl of stolen kisses and hot, tangled sheets, Kate is quickly swept away by the sexy stranger, longing to surrender to his expert touch. With Rylan, nothing is forbidden-except the truth. 

An American ex-pat worth millions, Rylan never flaunts his fortune. Rather, he guards his identity from everyone, especially women. No strings, no commitments, no complications. But the second his lips taste Kate’s soft, sweet skin, everything changes. For the first time, Rylan has found someone to share his every want and need. Yet he knows that secrets stand between them. To keep her, he’ll need to confess the truth before it’s too late . . . even if doing so could mean losing Kate forever.

This book doesn’t exactly fall under the categories that I usually read, but it’s a romance, and it had a high rating on GoodReads, so I decided to request it and see what I thought of it. A warning though, as the genre says, this book is filed under Erotica, which means it has a lot of explicit sexual content. However, compared to Right Where You Are, the sex in this books seemed a lot less explicit to me. But this book isn’t for everyone…

So, starting with the review. I liked the writing style and the format of the book. We get 2 POVs, but not in the traditional New Adult scheme, which is saying that the POVs are not divided by chapters, instead each chapter had parts in each of the different POVs. I’m quite used to this by now, because SJM does it often, and I thought that the division and change in POVs made a lot of sense. I wished their voices were more distinct though. They were very different people, but with a 3rd person style it sometimes wasn’t clear right away which POV we were entering.

This is most of all a character driven book, and both Kate and Rylan go through a big transformation during their time together. Kate’s trust issues were understandable, though I found them a bit irritating, she had a couple of bad experiences and was basically afraid of men as a whole, I get it, but not in the degree she showed… I liked Rylan best of the both of them, yes, he was super lost, but he was always his best for her, and so patient that I was honestly thinking that the guy wouldn’t get lucky at all… (not the point, though).

The main problem with this book is the lack of plot. Kate is in a journey to find herself and she ends up finding help in doing that, but that’s the whole of the plot. Rylan and Kate walk around Paris, and they spend the nights in their room, and they do the same the next day, until she leaves.

I had a huge problem with her reaction to Rylan’s revelation, I felt it was out of proportion. He never really lied to her, he never deceived her, he was always honest. If you know someone for less than a week, even in the first stages of a relationship, you don’t have to divulge your net-worth… but ok, the girl had trust issues and Rylan omitting the fact that he was super rich didn’t help, but still… I’m curious about the next book, I want to see exactly how he’ll win her back, because she seems to have gone back a few steps.

About the erotic part of the book, which was a BIG part of the book – as I said, they were either walking around or in the bedroom. I thought the scenes were very well written and tasteful even, and the chemistry was evidently there.

If you like a spicy book, without much plot, but complex characters, give this one a go. I’ll be picking up the next book for sure (I’m super curious!).

32 thoughts on “Seven Nights to Surrender (Jeanette Grey)

  1. Cátia says:

    Your review is on point. I had the same problems and liked the same things. I just wanted a little bit more plot. And don’t even make me talk about Kate’s reaction. He never told her he was poor he just didn’t said who he was because he thought that she would treat him like everyone who knows who he his does

  2. Josephine says:

    Fantastic review as always, Cristina! Unfortunately this is not my type of book at all. The steamy romance and erotica is not my style in the slightest, and I tend to push them very far away from me. 🙂

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