Deal Breakers (Laura Lee)


How were they supposed to know that one night would change everything?

Devyn has life all mapped out. She just needs to accomplish one more thing before graduating college and becoming a full-fledged adult — lose her virginity. And who better to assist her than her best friend, Riley?

Riley is the self-proclaimed king of fling. His college years have been filled with meaningless hookups until the one night that ruined him for all other women. The one night he spends with his best friend, Devyn. Right before he screws it all up.

Balls to the wall, baby!

Now five years later, Riley is determined to atone for his mistakes and prove that he can be the man that Devyn deserves. Little does he know that Devyn’s been keeping a secret from him all these years. A big secret. Now he has to figure out how to win back the only girl he’s ever loved while navigating the pitfalls of her unexpected revelation.

Deal Breakers is filled with lots of laughs, a sexy romance, and an overflowing swear jar.

Deal Breakers is a nice little romance about 2 best friends who fall in love, make a huge mistake and neither deals with it well. Riley’s mistake is that he’s afraid to admit his feelings to his best friend, while Devyn thinks that trying to call once to tell a world-changing news is giving her best shot. I digress…

Let’s talk about the writing. I feel like this book could have been great, if only the writing went a bit deeper. The pacing felt off to me. The first 3 years of college pass in a blink, and while we’re shown that Rye and Dev have a deep bond of friendship, we never actually see it develop. Through those little snippets of their interactions we know for sure that Riley is ALWAYS into Devyn, but it never goes further than that. That is, until she asks him for one night and he totally woos her, and then leaves her in the morning and never calls her back.

The pacing becomes a bit better once they’re reunited 5 years later, but it still goes by too fast. Again, we are told that they rekindle their friendship, for the sake of everyone involved, and that they still have a lot of chemistry, but we hardly see them actually interact. I would have liked to actually read their relationship blossom both times, rather than to be told that it did.

As a result of what I said above, both characters felt little fleshed out. Again, we are told about their growth, but we aren’t shown that, and that’s a shame. Because while Riley is said to be the king of flings, I got the notion from page one that he was dating all those girls because the person he loved didn’t want him. And Devyn, even after those 5 years, had grown a lot, but in some ways she didn’t… you need to read to get it.

Slight SPOILER (really, if you didn’t get this one from the blurb, I don’t know…). The kid is super cute! Nathan is a riot, and his interaction with his parents are the best thing. When the 3 of them are together, they fit, and I loved reading about them actually becoming a family. I really liked that ending… I would have even liked it more if the ring had been in his possession for a lot longer…

The book has super funny and super sweet moments, and the plot, although quite obvious, is funny and full of potential. My problem was that the book didn’t go deep enough, into the characters and into their story, and it felt lacking.

It was still a very nice read and I would recommend it easily. This is the kind of book where you can totally picture the movie in your mind…