Whatever It Takes (L.E. Bross)


Tess is burdened with a responsibility she’s not quite sure she can handle, and Ryan is determined to save her from it—if she ever stops pushing him away—in this sexy follow-up to Right Where You Are, the first new adult novel in the captivating Second Chances series. 

Tess is a lot of things. Strong. Independent. Determined. Completely overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being her little brother’s caretaker. But she can handle it. She has to. Because there’s no way in hell she’s letting anyone else raise Noah. 

Ryan’s happy with a life on cruise control. He has no intention of tying himself down. That road only leads to heartbreak, a lesson he learned the hard way when he was fifteen. So why can’t he stay away from the one woman who broke his heart? 

Tess knows exactly why Ryan keeps popping up right when she needs the most help: He’s got a hero complex big enough to save Cinderella. But Tess isn’t that girl, and she refuses to let him be part of her life. Not even when Noah takes a liking to him. Not even when they kind of, maybe, hook up. 

Not even when she starts to fall for him…

You might remember that a while ago I reviewed Right Where You Are by L.E. Bross, a.k.a., the first book in the Second Chances series, and this one is the second. I loved the first story, about Seth and Avery, but this one, that follows his best friend Ryan and his first love Tess, I liked even better. And in case you’re wondering… I LOVED SETH AND AVE’S STORY!

But this book… *swoon*… while the first was about second chances in life, this one is about second chances in love, and Tess and Ryan are kind of perfect together. Ryan was already pretty amazing as Seth’s best friend, but he’s amazing here, his way of dealing with the things in his past, and how he still sees the best of everyone, and tries to help, even though he shouldn’t, it’s just so heartwarming. Tess was fierce, I love her, what she did, what she was willing to give up for Noah?! WOW! I adored this characters. If one thing can be said for Bross’s characters is that they don’t fit in in pre-made categories.

I had already loved L.E. Bross’s writing in the first book, and I honestly think that I’ll read pretty much everything she writes. The plot and the pacing flowed super well and nicely, and the last 15% of the book had my heart in a constant aching point… I wanted these two to be happy and it wasn’t happening.

I loved Noah! Noah and Tess and Ryan felt so damn right! And I wanted to punch Seth there for a few moments… not cool bro! (I still love you Seth, but dude… DUDE!!!)

I really appreciated that the struggles that they go through not once put in question their feelings, and is a bigger cause than they just being insecure or afraid. It showed me that they are mature and ready for what they’ll face next. By the way, I didn’t see that ending coming… not at all…

I only have one complaint about this book: IT WAS TOO DAMN SHORT! I needed another 100 pages of Ryan and Tess, at least… I would like a novella, maybe of the day that Ave and Seth move in together, or the preparations for a certain event, or heck, I would be happy with a family day at the park… *swoon*

While the first book had a lot of very explicit sex scenes, Whatever it Takes is a bit more moderate, which makes a lot of sense, because Ryan and Tess have known each other (and loved each other) for a good long while and their relationship isn’t as “carefree” as the other. Still, super hot book. READ IT!

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