Movie of the Week: Star Wars The Force Awakens


This will be a simple and quick post, because I won’t drop any spoilers, but WOW, holy mother… that was GOOD! 

Whatever theories I had about the characters, I was wrong. The cinematography is excellent. I love the new characters, especially BB-8 and Rey. I love the old characters and I shed a few tears during the movie, because some things I did not see coming.

The plot is very reminiscent of the first ever Star Wars movie, and I think that was a smart move, because not only it works, but it will also reign in some old and new fans to this new trilogy.

So many known actors in unpredictable roles. So many people I didn’t even see… I saw the movie in IMAX and it was worth it, I now want to go see it again and catch all those little things I missed.

Have you see it? What did you think of Rey? Finn? Poe? BB-8? Han Solo and Leia? Theories? Talk to me!