Wandering About: Prague (2010)

wandering about

Today I’ll finally share with you the last leg of my trip to Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna and Prague. Yeah, today is all about Prague. Prague was probably my favorite city of the four I’ve visited, but that is also because it was the one I spent more time in. We were more relaxed, being the last city before going home and all, and it’s honestly so gorgeous… *sigh* (I’m just gonna dump a bunch of pics here, ok?)

Now, more pictures, yeah? Have I mention how much I loved Prague?

So, what did you think? Have you been to Prague? Did you love it as much as I did? 😀

27 thoughts on “Wandering About: Prague (2010)

  1. Kat Impossible says:

    Great pictures! I think all my friends have been to Prague already, but even though it’s so close I’ve never been or at least can’t remember. Well, there’s still plenty of time hahaha

  2. Magini - books says:

    I love this city! I’ve been there 4 times already and I’m still planning to go back again. I have some of my favorite places, one of them are Gardens below the Prague Castle – a lovely place and not many tourists go there, so it’s usually quiet. It has a nice view and it’s a perfect place to hide with a book.I also love to simply wonder through these lovely streets all along the Old Town. You can find some nice, almost forgotten sculptures, lovely old buildings. I simply like it there 🙂

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