Wandering About: Lisbon

wandering about

I’ve showed many places I’ve visited throughout the years, some many awesome places, but while in Portugal this past weeks, I realized that I haven’t mentioned my gorgeous city of Lisbon yet. Now, when I’m in Lisbon I rarely go sightseeing, because I’ve lived there most of my life, and my first instinct is not to snap photos, but I took the opportunity that I had to visit downtown a couple of times to meet friends, and I took some pictures of that part of town.

I’ll only show 2 parts of the Lisbon Downtown, because I didn’t have time to explore further, and the weather wasn’t helping. On the first day I went to the Baixa-Chiado zone:

The second day I managed to go to Lisbon, again, to have lunch with the same friends as before, I went to a slightly different zone, right beside the other one, and I went down to Praça do Comércio and then right back up to Rossio and Restauradores, through Rua Augusta. I know this is all gibberish to you, so I’ll give you pictures. Too bad about the rain though…

Unfortunately, this is it. I promise to try to snag more pictures of different places of Lisbon the next times I’m there, deal?

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