Loud is How I Love You (Mercy Brown)


One girl’s heart gets rocked to the core in the first novel in this sexy New Adult series.

Twenty-one-year-old front girl Emmylou knows that getting her band noticed in the ‘90s indie rock scene will be no easy task. She definitely knows better than to break the number one rule of the band: Don’t sleep with your bandmates! But after she ends up having the best sex of her life with her guitarist, Travis, she finds following that rule is a lot harder than it sounds.

When the band gets the gig of their dreams, making it big seems just within reach. But Emmy’s inability to keep her hands off Travis threatens everything they’ve worked for. Can Emmy find a way to break the rules and not blow the chance of a lifetime?

I’ll start this review by saying that I never read a book quite like this one. Yes, it’s a new adult romance novel, and I’ve read plenty of that, and yes, it involves musicians, and I’ve read my fair share of those as well, but this book stands out completely. Why? Well, it’s the writing style!

I’ll admit that it took me a few chapters to be 100% used to the writing, but once I was, I just wanted more. This book is told in the first person, present tense, but in a way that seems like she’s talking directly to you, with snide remarks and everything. Emmy’s voice is also a rambler, which means that there are really long paragraphs with very little punctuation – rambling style – and while at times it was a bit difficult to read, it sure as hell was fun.

Emmy is not the most likable character, although I understood her hesitations most of the times, it was just too much. At some point I just wanted to club her on the head and make her see the light!

Travis on the other hand is probably my favorite male musician from every book I’ve read, because he’s not the bad boy… not at all! He’s pale and blond and thin and he knows very well how he feels for Emmy and he knows that he needs more than what she believes she can give him.


The romance was fun and hot and it felt real. I loved reading everything that went on Emmy’s head when she was thinking about Travis, which was all the time! It was just so damn cute!!! But one thing that stands out in this book are the friendships. I absolutely loved how everyone was so supportive of each other, within the same band and betweens bands. It’s a totally different outtake on the music scene.

This book is just hilarious, the situations these characters get into to and how they get out of them it’s too much :D, I was laughing out loud at 3 a.m. :D.

I’ll definitly read the next book in the series, about Cole (bass player) and Sonia (Emmy’s BFF), because I’ve read the first chapter and I just need more and June is so damn far away… 😀 😀 😀 (click on the cover to go to the goodreads page).

Musical Mondays: Happy Home by Hedegaard feat. Lukas Graham


Last week my song was from a portuguese band, and this week it is by a Danish soul pop band. Wow… how diverse! I will be honest and say that I’d never heard of Lukas Graham until I caught their song 7 Years on the radio, and then I was hooked. I obviously had to listen to the whole album, and then Happy Home became my obsession. It’s just such a gorgeous music!!!

Mama called about the paper turns out they wrote about me
Now my broken heart’s the only thing that’s broke about me
So many people should have seen what we got going on
I only wanna put my heart and my life in songs
Writing about the pain I felt with my daddy gone
About the emptiness I felt when I sat alone
About the happiness i feel when I sing it loud
He should have heard the noise we made with the happy crowd
Did my grandaddy know he taught me what a poem was
How you can use a sentence or just a simple pause
What will I say when my kids ask me who my daddy was
I thought about it for a while and I’m at a loss
Knowing that I’m gonna live my whole life without him
I found out a lot of things I never knew about him
All I know is that I’ll never really be alone
Cause we gotta lot of love and a happy home

Magazines are writing stuff but I don’t ever read them
Some of the folks I used to know would see and start believing
That I would pass them by on streets and never reach to greet them
I still remember folks even though I rarely meet them
Don’t you know I miss the times when we used to hang
Before twenty deep depended on a single man
Before a single heart was broken by a single blow
Before all our careers depended on a single show
I grew up with a lot of love in a happy home
Now I got a lot of cash and I’m on a road
I realize privacy’s becoming difficult
It’s all right now but what about when I’m old
I know my good friends now they’ll last
The same ones that stood by me when my daddy past
All I know is that we’ll never really be alone
Cause we got a lot of love and a happy home

I write a lot of songs will anybody ever read them
You hear them on the radio but will you really read them
Why do we have our idols and why do we wanna be them
After we see them on TV we really wanna meet them
Don’t you think they miss the time when they used to hang
Before a fan base depended on a single man
Before a single heart was broken by a single show
Who’s gonna stand who’s gonna fall I really wanna know
I grew up with a lot of love in a happy home
My daddy use to play me vinyl but now daddy’s gone
I used to practice with my mommy on the piano
I still get nervous every time I know she’s at a show
Now my family comes first before everyone
I had the perfect dad I wanna be the perfect son
Though I really feel sometimes I am on my own
I know I got a lot of love and a happy home