Movie of the Week: Deadpool


WOW, how sad is it that I hadn’t set foot in the cinema since the beginning of January? But yesterday Deadpool finally premiered in Spain – yeah, you read that right… a whole week later than everywhere else. It sucks! – so I rushed to Barcelona to catch the first VOS session of the movie.

I won’t go into the plot of the movie, because to be honest there’s nothing especial about it, it’s an origin story, just like any other. What sets this movie apart is that everything is done differently. They got a “normal” story and went to crazy town with it.

From the moment the credits begin, with the mellow music and all, you know that this movie will be special. Yep, I was laughing before a single scene was shown. If you’ve watched it and paid attention, you know what I’m talking about.

This movie is beyond funny. Deadpool himself as a character is hilarious, but the breaking of the 4th wall, the references to other movies – such as all the jabs towards the X-Men franchise, to the sidekick who doesn’t want to move, the cab driver… every single thing is hilarious. The X-Men bits were seriously my favorites, lol… “Stewart or McAvoy?” LOLOLOL. And then there’s all the references to Ryan Reynolds himself. HILARIOUS!

The acting was superb and all the characters were amazing, even the “generic british bad guy”, eheh.

As a die-hard X-Men fan, I loved seeing Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and I loved LOVED LOVED that her suit was reminiscent of the original comic’s X-Men uniforms. BRILLIANT! 😀

It should be noted that the R-Rating should be taken very seriously. Not only there’s a lot of nudity (yep, you can definitly catch a glimpse of all of Ryan Reynolds), but brain matter, decapitations, amputations and so on happen a lot of times during this movie.

Go watch it, seriously, this might just well be my favorite superhero movie EVER, and that’s saying a lot, because I watch a lot of them.

Have you seen it yet? What are your thoughts on it?

30 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: Deadpool

  1. thebibliotheque says:

    I had no clue whatsoever that Ryan Raynolds was so sassy and sarcastic, with all the Deadpool promotion he’s been doing in talk shows I’ve seen quite a few of his interviews and I know his involvement in this movie is not only being the face of the (anti)superhero. Which makes me look forward to watching Deadpool even MORE.

    I am very happy to read you think the movie is as good as I thought it would be 😀

  2. Word Wonders says:

    I’ve see an interview where Ryan Reynolds was talking about the nudity scenes and Deadpool actually making fun of him as an actor and it sounds hilarious, I can’t wait to watch it

  3. Natalie says:

    I saw it and liked it a lot. Comedy really isn’t my favorite thing, so this probably won’t ever be my favorite superhero movie but I’d watch it again sometime.

  4. Anna @MyBookishDream says:

    I watched the movie last week with my best friend and it was AMAZING! I seriously LOVED it! ❤ It may be my favourite superhero movie ever. I laughed a lot. XD
    I'm actually going to see it again tomorrow, with some friends. I am super exited! 😀

  5. Emma says:

    Ah I just did a review of this film myself! I agree that this film was so great because it wasn’t afraid to poke fun at not just the superhero genre but at itself. The references to X-Men in particular made me giggle, as did the opening credits which were just brilliant. I think the real beauty in this film laid in how self-aware it was of the tropes of superhero films which it was utilising and then completely making fun of at the same time.

    I didn’t expect to find Ryan Reynolds so hilarious with this sort of brash and bold humour but he really did go for it playing Wade and I think that’s great.

    I’m so looking forward to rewatching this in the future – and to seeing what they do with Deadpool in the next film 🙂

    • My Tiny Obsessions says:

      oh yes, the self awareness made this movie great. they took every situation and made sure to include something like that. I was never the biggest fan of Reynolds, but I think this is HIS role, you know? Like Hugh Jackman is Wolverine? Reynolds is perfect as Wade. I can’t wait to see what they do next too :D.
      The X-Men jokes made my day! the “that’s a big house, and there’s only 2 of you. makes me think the studio couldn’t afford the rest” was hilarious.

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