The Fictional Boyfriend Tag


Heyyyyy!!! It’s saturday, which means it’s time for a book tag :D. We’re still in february, so I’ll keep rolling with the Love theme, ok? This time I’m doing The Fictional Boyfriend Tag, created by Rachel Reads, and I was tagged by Keira @Signing On and Raven @Dreamy Addictions – Thank you girls!

1. Most romantic boyfriend

I have to say that Jem Carstairs is the first that comes to mind for this question. It’s fitting, because he’s also my first book-boyfriend and he’s still holding the number one place.


2. Dark and moody bad boy with a good side

Warner for sure. He’s dark and moody, although I don’t think he’s really a bad boy, he just acts like it. Inside, he’s all soft and gooey. 😀


3. Paranormal boyfriend

My first question is: do Fae count as paranormal? Yeah?! No?! I don’t really care! Because my answer is a Fae warrior, so deal with it. Lucien from ACOTAR :D.


4. Boyfriend you want to tame

I’m not sure I would like to “tame” anyone. I kind of don’t believe in “taming ” people, you either like them as they are, or you don’t, right? Either way, I would go with Garrett from The Deal. He doesn’t need any taming, we just needed to open his eyes :P.

5. Boy you friend zoned

This pains me to say, but I would have to friendzone Dean Holder, from Hopeless, because I can’t even ship him with me! The only person he can be with is Sky…. so yeah, only friendship in my future with Holder =/ .

6. Your soulmate

After some deep thoughts, I think Simon, from Wallbanger, is probably my Soulmate. Yep. I could see it. I wouldn’t mind seeing it… and we would live in San Francisco, how great would that be?

7. Boyfriend you want to elope with

Oh, gosh… this turned out to be the hardest question of all. I think I would chose Ryan from Whatever It Takes. He’s romantic, a bit impulsive at times, but ultimately he would be a damn good husband.


8. Boyfriend you’d venture anywhere with

Carswell Thorne for sure. He’s got a great sense of humour, and he would make the best of every single situation, which means he’s the perfect traveling partner, right? Also, he’s gorgeous, so that’s always a plus.


9. Boyfriend you’d want to be stranded on a desert island with

I’m choosing one that would be super usefull, because he has wings: Raffe, from the Penryn and the End of Days trilogy. Raffe would be great company, he’s hot, funny and snarky, and once we got tired of all the alone time in the island, he could just fly us out of there. How great is that?


10. Most badass boyfriend

Rowan Whitethorn, for sure! He’s the most badass of my book-boyfriends, and also one of my favorites. Actually, I wouldn’t mind if his was the only name on this list…


That’s it! 10 book boyfriends 😀 😀 :D. If you want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged, ok? 😉

24 thoughts on “The Fictional Boyfriend Tag

  1. Cátia says:

    I would go anywhere with Thorne too. We couldn’t even go to Siberia (and I hate cold), I wouldn’t care.
    Let’s just pretend tha Faes are paranormal even if they’re not. The concept of paranormal still confuses me a lot.
    Also, Warner and Jem are great (even if I like Will more) and I kind of understand why you friendzoned Holder 🙂

  2. Nisha @ BookaliciousBlogs says:

    AHHH I’m so doing this tag!!! 😂😂 of course Jem is a romantic and Rowan is certainly badass!! They will both probably be on my list too!!

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