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Hello! This tag has been on my radar for a long long time… but Becca @Shih Tzu Book Reviews and Analee @Book Snacks tagged me recently, and I just had to do it! 😀 The Rip It or Ship It Book Tag was created by emmmabooks.

I have to tell you that I have a serious problem with this, because I tend to ship my couples, that is, it’s super hard for me to imagine a favorite character from a book, with another one from a different book… nope, it hurts my heart to even think about this. With that said, this should be fun to do!



(source)                             (source)

OMG! What the hell?! NOPE! I RIP IT! I love both Warner and Jem to death, but no way would this relationship ever work. Jem is the most caring and gentle soul, and Warner… is NOT! 😀 And come on! Jem is a cat person, while Warner is clearly much more into dogs.



WOWOWW!!! I was so happy when I got these two names, I mean, what are the odds?! 😛 I obviously SHIP IT, with all my heart, because Cresswell is one of my favorite ships :D.



(source)                    (source)

Yeah, no, not going to happen. I RIP IT! The only thing that they could have in common would be the weapons. I don’t see them working on any level whatsoever, and Aelin is pretty shippable with anyone, because come on… I at some point or another shipped her with every single male on those books.



Oh wow! This was totally by accident, but I SHIP them so damn much :D! They’re perfect!



(source)                                  (source)

this is probably the weirdest combination of names EVER. I obviously RIP IT! Clary might not be the best character in the world, but she doesn’t deserve someone as Amarantha in her life.



                                     (source)                                                                      (source)

Poor Tessa!!! NOOOOOO… I RIP IT! This is no good. Sebastian is evil, even if I felt sorry for him at times, and Tessa is good and pure and brave, and she deserved either Jem or Will, but definitly not Sebastian.



(source)                                          (source)

I love these two ladies so much, they’re both so strong. But for the life of me, I honestly don’t think they could ever work. Penryn is just a no-nonsense kind of girl, and Juliette for most part is too broken. No way. RIP IT.



(source)                                    (source)

Interestingly enough I think that a friendship between these two ladies could work. Lysandra is a great friend, and so is Anna. And they are both strong and independent. Yep. I SHIP IT.



(source)                                        (source)

Oh boy… no no no! Levana is to bad for someone as pure and innocent as Simon Snow. NO NO NO! I RIP IT.



(source)                                         (source)

I know they don’t really get along in the books so far, especially in Heir of Fire, due to stuff from the past, but I do think they could become friends and have an awesome bromance. Aedion and Dorian are both the stuff of dreams, and they are such good people, I want them to get along, so I’m SHIPPING IT!



(source)                                          (source)

Oh God! I like Manon alright, and I have high hopes for her, but she’s still a witch… a bad witch… who kills people and eats the…. nope, Kai deserves better. I RIP IT.



(source)                                                    (source)

This one is interesting and I SHIP IT. Baz has a hint of danger, and he’s sarcastic, which goes well with Cinder’s personality :D.



(source)                                          (source)

YES!!! I SHIP this one so bad!!! I mean, aren’t they perfect? They’re both so happy, charismatic and fun! They would totally work :D.



(source)                                       (source)

Oh, no! This wouldn’t work at all. Magnus is just too much for Cath ;-). I RIP IT.



(source)                                             (source)

Well, if Alec can be bestie with Jace, he could definitly handle Will. Would it be weird that they’re somewhat related? Yes? So, ok, I’m shipping them as best friends then ;), bromance all the way. I SHIP IT.



                      (source)                                                                             (source)

I actually think these two could work, as friends! Raffe and Rowan both have a sarcastic sense of humour and a very low tolerance for stupidity :D. They would be awesome together. I SHIP IT.

This is it. If you want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged :D.

38 thoughts on “Rip It Or Ship It Book Tag

  1. Sara @ freadomlibrary says:

    There are some ship names that are too big on the post and I can’t see them so I had to beg that you mentioned the name in the descriptions which you did thank God haha. Most of these are RIPs and I feel like if I did this it would be like that too because I’m a strict couple shipper and I can’t see them with other people

  2. anareyhs says:

    Oh god, even thinking about Tessa and Sebastian for one second made me freak out so much! And Alecc could definitely handle Will, they are so shipable (is that even word?) even though they’re sort of related 🙂
    Loved your post!

  3. Prima says:

    On board with the Etienne and Levi ship! Just the two best love interests in YA contemporary getting together… it could totally happen 😉 I saw Magnus and Cath and it was a quick no from my brain. Magnus would be pulling all the stunts and I don’t think Cath would be able to handle it and would just hide in her room and read… not a good way to build a relationship XD

  4. Kat Impossible says:

    I don’t know about the Warner and Jem one … opposites attract – don’t forget that! And Jem knows how to handle selfish people. Distantly, but still, I could see that working out on a weird level. Maybe a bit more as friends though.
    The Tessa and Sebastian one was … WOW! No! But I always had a weird affection for Sebastian … I actually would have liked to see a pairing with him that works. Maybe I should put him in my pot!
    I’ll have to do this sometime soon!

  5. Darth Veda says:

    Since you said that anyone could do this, I’m going to tag myself BECAUSE HONESTLY THIS SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN. I’m surprised you ripped so many couples, especially the Manon and Kai one and the Aelin and Jace ship. They seem so similar and I feel like Aelin and Jace would just always get the best of each other. Manon and Kai seem to click for me, I guess it’s because Kai is so gentle and the he’s the emperor/former prince of the Eastern Commonwealth, and I ship Manon with Dorian and Dorian is a king/former prince. I know Tessa is so good and Sebastian is so bad but for some reason, I feel like I would ship them together because I know Sebastian can care about people like he cared about Clary and after all, they’re both awfully powerful. Maybe Tessa good make Sebastian a better person? Haha, no, she’d probably hide away before she could ever associate with Sebastian.

    Awesome tag!
    ❤ Veda

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