Captain America: Civil War New Trailer


OMG people!!! I’m freaking out over here! The latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War just came out and wow, just wow.It feels awful and it looks so good!

We see sides being chosen, Scarlet Witch bringing The Vision to his knees, which is super sad given their history. Bucky shooting Tony. Tony fighting Steve. More destruction.

And I think I’m siding with Tony here and I feel like I’m betraying my baby Steve!

Also, SPIDER MAN!!!! And now it’s official: he’s #TeamIronMan!

14 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War New Trailer

  1. Kat Impossible says:

    It actually made me cry … But you know what, I think I might be TeamIronMan as well … as much as it hurts to say. I do understand both sides, but I can definitely see more where Tony is coming from … Then again, I love most members of TeamCap. My heart is being torn in two.

  2. Tasya says:

    I REALLY CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE. But I just can’t decide which side am I??? I could understand Tony’s and Steve’s reasons and it’s really logical from their perspective. Tony looked so surprised Bucky actually shoot him! And poor Rhodey 😦 This one is will hit the feelings spot on!

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