Roommates (Erin Leigh)


Life is full of expectations.

For Brady Coldwell it’s always been about the game. Hockey is and always will be, his life. His family sacrificed everything to get him here and he won’t let them down. He knows what’s expected of him.

Natalie Banks is no different. She too knows what it means to have everyone sacrifice for you. She knows about the debt that’s left owing in the end and the price you pay for making up your own mind.

But when an innocent mistake lands them as roommates, neither of them is prepared for the feelings they have or the consequences of their actions. How do you negotiate matters of the heart? How do you say no when it simply feels so right?

I think I have a problem right now. Blurbs mention the word hockey, and I’m suddenly all over them… it’s very serious people!

Either way… this was such a cute contemporary romance! I really enjoyed it. The writing was simple but fun, full of comical situations.

Brady and Natalie were such a good match. Brady was not the easiest character to like right away, but he grows on you, and the same goes for Nat. But they do have an amazing relationship, very much based on friendship, no matter how much they were attracted to each other from the start.

I did really like the progression of the story, I felt like there wasn’t unnecessary drama and for the most part, they acted like the adults they were. I also loved how supportive they were of each other, never putting their relationship in front of what is best for the other.

If there was one thing I wasn’t the hugest fan of was of Nat’s lifestyle and friends. I could have done without some of those things. I also felt that the book left a lot of things open, mainly the relationships of the secondary characters, which made me think that maybe this was supposed to be a first novel in a series… maybe?!

So, if you like a good contemporary New Adult romance, give this one a try 😉 .

One Lovely Blog Award


Hello. Today I’m doing another round of weird facts about myself. I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Brooke @Brooke’s Books, Zhana @Confessions of an addict and Sara @Freadom Library. Thank you! And you guys should go check out their blogs.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog
  2. List the rules and display the award
  3. Add seven facts about yourself
  4. Nominate seven other bloggers and let them know about their nomination

Let’s see what facts I come up with today… I think I’m doing this food related! Yep, sounds good 😀 .

1. I don’t appreciate plain chocolate, my favorites are the ones with hazelnut or almonds in it. Actually, anything with hazelnut is awesome.

2. I’ll drink tea over coffee 98% of the time. I drink it at least 3 times a day and my favorite is Earl Grey. Though I’m a sucker for a peach tea I have that I bought in London a couple of years ago. I save it for special occasions though, and it’s hidden so my dad won’t drink it.

3. I love to eat salads. If my fridge is stocked with raw veggies, tomatoes, onions, avocado and fresh mozzarella cheese, I’m happy!

4. Actually, tomatoes are one of my favorite things ever. I used to eat them like apples when I was younger. My favorites are the the elongated ones, oh boy… love them. Incredibly, my dad doesn’t appreciate tomatoes one bit.

5. Another that I love to eat raw is carrots. I’m just too lazy to peel them whenever I’m in the mood for them. Interesting fact: my mom hates raw carrots!

6. I love omelettes, but they’re only perfect if they’re onions and tomatoes omelettes. It’s my favorite! Whenever I’m at a hotel and I can ask for it, that’s the 2 ingredients that go in my eggs.

7. I love to drink occasionally – simmer down, I don’t do it nearly enough – but 98% of the time, I’ll choose a beer over everything else. My favorite is stout and if it’s Guinness, all the better. I LOVE IT!