Latest TV Obsessions


I’ve been home, in Portugal for over a week now, and there’s an awesome thing about being home: having my TV again. TV not only means scripted TV shows, but my latest obsessions are the other ones. Let me show you what I’ve been watching lately.

You would think that considering that I’m inside an airplane quite frequently, that I wouldn’t like to watch a show like Mayday: Air Crash Investigation, which shows and explains the worst plane crashes ever, right? But I love it, I’m so hooked on it. It’s incredible how a little thing can do so much damage, and how much they can find out without much to go on.

Too Cute is a show that Cátia got me hooked on. This show is wonderful as it show baby kittens and puppies since they’re born until they’re old enough to be without their moms. It’s adorable!!!


I generally love Australian shows, they’re so nice! House Rules is a new addition to the channel lineup, and I’m loving it. The teams have to re-ro each other’s homes and then get judged by the owners. It’s so cool!

This is a show that makes me sad most of the time, but undoubtedly, Catfish is an amazing show and an eye opener. Now, MTV Portugal, why haven’t you aired it this week?

I like the New York version a lot better, but Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta is the one showing right now, so this is the one that I’m watching everyday. I sometimes hate some of the families and attitudes they show, but some things are adorable, and who doesn’t love to see wedding dresses?

I love love love Shark Tank! I also like the Dragon’s Den, but I like this one better. Some things they show are amazing, but I honestly just love the sharks and how they interact with one another :).

So guys, do you watch any of these shows? What do you think?

25 thoughts on “Latest TV Obsessions

  1. amortalreader1 says:

    I love Catfish, its so crazy though when people come out the house like ‘yeah it was me pretending’. I’m always like OH MY GOD. Even though I know what’s gonna happen XD

  2. Stopfi says:

    Mayday is coool 😉 But I’m alway afraid of the BIG crashes, so I just watch the ones where everyone is fine in the end 😀
    But with this series I got interested in airplanes and air crash investigation and the job of an air traffic controller haha 😉 But that’s too much responsibility!!

  3. Kat Impossible says:

    OMG! I am totally addicted to Catfish and Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta – I swear I have seen every episode of the latter like a gazillion times. My dad is kind of getting tired of it hahah
    Have you seen Nev’s new show MTV Suspect?

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