Musical Mondays: Tudo o que eu te dou #Somos Portugal by Pedro Abrunhosa


Today I’m doing something a bit different. In case you don’t know by now, I’m a huge fan of football (or soccer, if you’re from the USA), and right now the Euro 2016 in France is in full swing. Portugal is having its first game tomorrow, Tuesday, so I’m sharing our official support song today. This music has been around for over 20 years, but has been adapted to support our national team. the first video is the cut version that runs on TV, while the second one is the complete song.

Eu já sei
Que mais podemos ser,
Hoje ser rei,
É esse o teu poder.
Somos mais fortes
Coragem, ambição,
Voamos mais alto,
O meu nome é Seleção. 

Eu já sei
Que mais te posso dar,
A minha voz
Como um rugido de mar,
Gritos de dor,
Gritos de prazer,
Que um Homem também chora
No momento de vencer.

Foram tantas as noites sem dormir,
Tanta dor, tanta glória, suar e cair
E a cada vitória
Uma certeza no ar
E logo ali eu sei, 

Que tudo o que eu te dou,
Tu me dás a mim,
Tudo o que eu sonhei,
Tu farás por mim
Tudo o que nos dás,
Nós damos-te a ti,
Somos Portugal!

Enquanto houver caminho
Passo a passo lá chegamos,
Ninguém joga sozinho
Tu entregas, nós cantamos

Mais, peço-te eu,
Já nos sinto a conquistar
Levanta, Desafia
Há milhões a acreditar,

Todos somos um,
Neste mar que se abriu,
Há vitórias, Descobertas,
E o que a História construiu,
Há vontade de conquista,
Há saudade e coração,
Há jogadas de loucura,
Futebol e Paixão,
Hmm, essa força
Leva-me à Final,
Mata-me de Amor,
Viva Portugal!
Deixa-nos cantar, voar, enlouquecer…

Que tudo o que eu te dou,
Tu me dás a mim,
Tudo o que eu sonhei,
Tu farás por mim
Tudo o que nos dás,
Nós damos-te a ti,
Somos Portugal!
Tudo o que eu te dou,
Tu me dás a mim,
Tudo o que eu sonhei,
Tu farás por mim,
Tudo o que nos dás,
Nós damos-te a ti,
Somos Portugal! 

Somos Portugal!
Leva-me à Final

Stay Until We Break (Mercy Brown)


What happens on the road stays on the road in the latest New Adult novel from the author of Loud Is How I Love You. 

Twenty-one-year-old Sonia Grant, a business major, has big plans for a career in the music industry. So when she’s offered the job of tour manager for her best friend’s band, she jumps at the chance for some real life experience. When her number one crush, bassist Cole McCormack, jumps her the first night on tour, she hopes she’s in for three weeks of some hot backstage action, too. But Cole turns out to have more up his sleeve than she or anyone realized. 

Nobody knows that Cole is on the road to party like a rock star one last time before quitting his dream to take a more practical job and settle down. What he hadn’t planned was to fall in love with a girl he believes is out of his league. Will Cole play out the rock star fantasy he thinks Sonia wants from him, or tell her the truth and take the chance that she’ll either break his heart or make an even bigger dream come true?

I was so excited that I got this eARC through netgalley!!! Hurray! I read Loud is How I Love You a few months ago and I loved it, so when I saw that Cole and Sonia’s story was next, I got super excited :D.

Very much like the first book of this series, the writing is super unique, but this time the story is told in dual POV, so we get both Cole and Sonia’s POV, which is great because both have their secrets that they keep from each other. Once again, it took me a little time to get into the writing, but once I did, it was all smooth sailing.

I LOVED both characters! Actually, I love all the characters in this book, I loved seeing Travis and Emmylou again, and see their relationship develop, and I love love love Joey. All the bands along the way are hilarious too. But Cole and Sonia are beyond amazing. They were both so scared that their feelings were one directional, and that either social status, the future or something better, would come in between them. Silly them!

The romance was amazing. While the book starts with them kissing, the romance itself is a very slow burn… that had been going on for years! Both Sonia and Cole had feelings for each other for a long time, before it lead to something. So when they do get together, it’s sweet and respectful and hot. Cole is attentive and there’s not any doubt how much they love each other… except that they’re both a little clueless and have terrible communications skills.

The plot and setting were great! The road trip and tour setting was so well done and so much fun to read. The only “problem” for me was the amount of new small characters and names, that sometimes made it a bit confusing, but that was a small thing.

I absolutely loved this book and now I can’t wait for Joey’s story, which I’m hoping is with Claire (a.k.a. Cole’s little sister!). I mean, that screams drama! Eheheh. People, read this series, please! It’s so good. It’s such a sweet, cute, romantic, hot and steamy NA romance, and you should absolutely give it a try.