2 thoughts on “Did you vote IN or OUT?

  1. amortalreader1 says:

    I agree with what this post says, I just left a comment on her actual post as well but I too voted Remain as did my family and we were all very shocked. I must admit I think both sides acted poorly on their propaganda and I just wanted them to ‘cut the crap’ and tell the truth. (Sorry for the bluntness) There was a great deal of scare-mongering in this referendum.

    This is a decision we cannot go back on, the percentage of people not voting in certain areas was hitting 30 – 40% that’s a lot of people who could of steered the vote, perhaps if the lead up was different they would of had more confidence to go out and vote. It made me laugh this morning that so many people on my facebook wall were already shocked how Farage had gone back on his promise of £350 million into the NHS everyday. I simply put ‘how can you believe a word out of his mouth?’. The man was saying he didn’t even promise that, it was on a bus for crying out loud.

    I’m scared for what the future holds for us. I wish it wasn’t like this, that’s for sure.

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