Maybe Someday (Colleen Hoover)


Contains exclusive content: songs from Griffin Peterson  

Sydney is living in an idyllic bubble — she’s a dedicated student with a steady job on the side. She lives with her best friend, has a great boyfriend, and the music coming from the balcony opposite hers is fast becoming the soundtrack to her life. But when Sydney finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, the bubble bursts. The mysterious and attractive man behind the music, Ridge, gives Sydney hope that she can move on and they begin to write songs together. But moving on is harder than she expects, Sydney can only hope….

Maybe someday…

Colleen Hoover draws you into this passionate tale of music, love and betrayal…

I’m finally making some progress in my Colleen Hoover’s books goal. A.K.A., I want to read them all! (Yes, Cátia… Slammed is next!)

So, onto the book itself. Once again, I really really liked the writing. CoHo doesn’t cease to amaze me with her writing skills. The way she can convey the emotions, feelings, and all the pain, doubts and heartbreak… WOW! This book mostly made my heart ache, which I guess was the goal, right?

I really really liked all the characters. Neither was perfect, but they were all trying so hard to do what was right, even when it went against everything they all felt. Sydney was at such a low point in her life during this book, but she somehow tried to be strong for herself. Ridge was kind of amazing, even through all his mistakes. I absolutely loved their friendship and how their feelings developed.


Now, this book’s main topic is undoubtedly cheating. Sydney is cheated on at the beginning of the book, and Ridge has an amazing girlfriend, who he loves, all the while he’s falling in love with Sydney and she’s falling in love with him. I found it really amazing the line between the actual act of cheating and what was going on during this book, though in a way, I felt like what happened here is worst. All the feelings were honest though, and it was painfully wonderful to read about their struggle.

I LOVED the supporting characters! All of them. I want to read Maybe Not because I loved Warren. And I wanted to know more about Brennan (because he sounded awesome). And I wanted to read more about Maggie after the end of this book, because Maggie was seriously amazing. It was kind of refreshing the amount of honesty that was flying around in this story.

I really liked the plot, and mostly I likes the way that music was included in the story. Especially when you know all you need to know about these characters.


Although this was my least favorite CoHo book that I’ve read so far – behind Ugly Love and then Hopeless – I still absolutely loved it. Again, my heart broke like a million times, and I might need to read a lot of happy fluffy books soon.

I don’t think this is a book for everyone, a lot of people might have a problem with the core of the story, but the story is beautifully written and brutally honest, so I highly recommend it to everyone who likes romances, and Colleen Hoover.

21 thoughts on “Maybe Someday (Colleen Hoover)

  1. Cátia says:

    CoHo is amazing. All of her books are great. I’ll be here waiting for you to read Slammed. Good thing it’s already the next CoHo book you’re reading XD

  2. anovelglimpse says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said this one isn’t for everyone. I loved it, but there are a lot of people who can’t handle the topic. I thought it was bravely and honestly tackled. Great review! 🙂

      • anovelglimpse says:

        Exactly! I’ve tried to explain this to people who don’t like the book. You know this situation happens in real life. It’s ugly, but I thought CoHo did an amazing job of showing what might be lurking in the heads of people going through it.

  3. Marian says:

    I picked up my first Colleen Hoover book this month and I ended up really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to read her other books now. I’m think either Ugly Love or Hopeless next. Great review btw. 😊

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