Just One Moment (Jami Wagner)


Skylar Atwood wants to find herself. After years of everyone making choices for her, she’s finally on her own, determined to make any and every decision she can. But being homeless and then accused of breaking and entering isn’t how her new life was supposed to go. 

It’s been a year, and Luke Warren isn’t handling his father’s death very well. As the only man of the house now, Luke takes on the role as a provider for his mother and sisters. Working extra hours to help his mom pay the bills and sacrificing all his free time is beginning to take its toll on him. Until he knows they’ll be okay, he won’t quit. Not even vandalism to his family’s bookstore will stop him.

Despite the fact Luke blames Skylar for everything going wrong in his life and Skylar thinks Luke’s the most uptight jerk she’s ever met, the two can’t stop the attraction that continues to draw them together. Giving in to their feelings is the easy part, but one moment can ruin everything. Luke can’t change his past, but his future won’t be the same if Skylar isn’t in it.

Truths are tested and choices are challenged. Just One Moment will capture your heart.

Once again, I read this book as a buddy read with  Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much, so check out her blog in the next few days for her take on this one.

The premise of this book seemed interesting enough, so I was curious to see how it would turn out. To sum it up right off the bat, I did like the plot, a lot, I sort of liked the characters too, but what didn’t quite work for me was the writing and the pacing.

I’m not sure I can quite put my finger on my problem with the writing, I think it was too abrupt sometimes, and some things felt rushed because of that. This also made some characters feel aggressive, like Luke. Most of all, I felt like some things were too rushed, and I wasn’t a fan of the writing of the most intimate love scenes.

Now, I did like the characters, especially Skyler. Luke was kind of a jerk at times, but I did get him, and I understood his reasons, he was in a tough spot, feeling like he had to take care of his family, and feeling like he should give up everything that wasn’t directly related to supporting them. About Skyler… I’m torn, because I did really like her, I liked her wonder of every single mundane thing. But I didn’t think that her reasons for running away like she did were strong enough, if you know what I mean?! I did like her character development and how she came to terms with stuff.

I liked the romance, because I like the tension that the “enemies turned lovers” trope brings to the story. I did feel like the romance was a bit rushed at some points, but the chemistry was there, for sure.

I hated that what seemed to come between them was money, but I did like the big conflict in this book, it sure gave the book an edge.

In the end, I did really like the story, but there was something in the writing that just wasn’t for me. I do still recommend it though ;-).

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