Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Sophia Henry)


Kristen Katsaros wants a life full of adventure and laughter. After a difficult childhood, her motto is to live each day like it’s her last — because it just might be. So when Kristen’s parents send her on a post-grad singles cruise in the Caribbean to meet a Greek husband, she promptly hooks up with the hottest guy she’s ever met. Pasha’s decidedly not Greek, but Kristen gives him a pass because he’s got fun written all over his rock-hard abs.

Pavel Gribov, the cocky playboy of the Detroit Pilots hockey team, can score any girl he wants. But when a teammate drags him on a singles cruise, he can’t resist the chance to help out a drop-dead gorgeous damsel in distress by pretending to be her boyfriend. Before long, the fake fling turns intimate, fueled by something much deeper than lust. 

Kristen and Pasha both agree to walk away once the cruise is over, but reality hits like a slap shot when Kristen finds out Pasha lied about everything. Just when she’s ready to start living again, the two stubborn survivors must decide if they can bear to lose the best thing that ever happened to either of them.

This book surprised the hell out of me! Never in a million years, I was expecting it to be so deep and emotional. WELL DONE!

I absolutely loved the themes behind this romance. Kristen lives  with a disease and knows that she won’t live as much as everyone else around her, she she closed herself off for love, because she feels like it wouldn’t be fair to her significant other, because she can’t do forever. I get you girl! But I’m so glad that she was able to realize that she deserved everything, because she was so awesome and I needed her to be 100% happy. Pasha also didn’t want to love, or be loved, but for a very different reason: he didn’t think he deserved it. It was such a sad story, and it was such an emotional ride to see these 2 people open up to each other, and help the other one realize how much they deserved to be happy. I seriously loved this.

I also loved them! Because they were just so direct and so no-nonsense and no bullshit… I love it. There’s a moment where Kristen is talking to her dad, and I swear to you, his answers? That’s me when I’m talking to my BFF!!! I’m also like “did he really lie to you? or did you just assume?”, eheh!

The romance was great! Even though it starts very much as insta-something, both make it clear that it will be a physical thing, and the connection develops from there. This is a book I forgive the instalove, because they do create a deep and real bond. They talk a lot, they understand each other in a very unique way, and they have amazing chemistry.

Also, this book is so hot, even though it doesn’t show one single explicit thing. Great work!

I had a few problems with the formatting of this book, though I’m not sure if it’s something that will be fixed in the finished version of the book, but even though the book is told in dual POV, there is no indication on which POV we’re reading at a certain point. The POVs change frequently, and without warning, and within the chapters. This is not a good way to go about it, and I do hope it’s fixed later on.

Apart from this, I really liked the writing and the pacing of this one. I liked the plot and the timing, and this one made me want to read the previous books in this series.

Give this one a chance, you won’t regret it.

Sweet Girl (Sierra Hill)



I’ve always lived in the shadows of my athletic older brother and my charismatic twin sister. And that’s okay by me. I don’t mind being known as the shy wallflower. The gawky geek. The sweet, virginal girl. Well, that’s one label I’ve been trying to shed since starting my freshman year in college this year. The thing is, no one’s ever looked twice at me. 

Until I met Van Gerard. 

He notices me. He looks at me and seems to like what he sees. He understands and listens to me. He’s become a great friend. The problem is, I don’t want him as a friend. 

I want more. 

But my brother – along with a state line between us, and oh yeah, Van’s long-time girlfriend – are just a few complications getting in the way of what I want.


I thought my senior year in college would be the best time of my life. I’m a starter on a Pac-12 basketball team, set to graduate with a degree in Finance. I have a girlfriend whom I’d planned to start a future with. I thought my life was already mapped out. 

But then the bottom dropped out with a confession I never expected to hear, from the girl I thought I knew. 

I thought wrong.

Luckily for me, Kylah Griffin was there to break my fall. She’s the best thing this year has given me. She’s helped me through a devastating blow that could have sent me reeling.

I know she wants more, but I’m not sure I can give it. Now that I’ve been burned, I don’t think I can go there again. Kylah’s not a hook-up, and she’s definitely not a rebound. She’s a sweet girl who deserves more than to be friend-zoned.

If only things weren’t so complicated.

Once again, I read this book as a buddy read with  Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much, well… I read it and finished it before she even got a chance to start it, but our goal was to read it together. Either way, go check out her blog in the next few days for her take on this one.

I have to admit that I was a bit scared before I started reading this one, because I somewhat afraid that Van would use Kylah, even if it wasn’t his intention. I’m glad it didn’t go anything like that! That was a nice surprise.

I found the writing good, witty, funny and oh so entertaining. This was my first book by Sierra Hill, so I’m so glad that I enjoyed the writing. The book is told in dual POV, and I found both voices very different.

While I did like both main characters, I didn’t LOVE them. Kylah was fun to read! The things that went through this girl’s head were hilarious. But I thought that her age came across very easily, and her inexperience and obsessive thoughts were sometimes too much. I wasn’t very impressed by the fact that her mind was on Van 24/7.

Van… well, he was a super nice guy, and I really liked that even though he was in a long distance relationship for 4 years, he never once even thought about cheating on his girlfriend, even when he was attracted to other girls, a.k.a., Kylah. But you know when something’s missing?! Yeah, that’s how I felt about these characters… they were great, but something was definitly missing.

I liked the romance, even though I thought it went too fast. True, they had become friends, and liked each other and all, but I’m not sure that the moment they got together was ideal. Still, I was happy that they both faced their shortcomings and talked things through.

I had a slight problem with a certain sex scene, and I wish it had been done differently. It seemed to me that Kylah was more often than not afraid to have real talks with Van, and it bothered me, because this was the guy she was in love with, you know?

Still, it was a sweet and fast paced new-adult romance book, and I do recommend it. It made me curious to read more from this author, including the rest of the books in this series.

Musical Mondays: 7 Years by Lukas Graham


I love this one, and for some reason it has been popping up nonstop on TV this week. So, here it is, 7 Years by Lukas Graham.

Once I was seven years old my momma told me
Go make yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely
Once I was seven years old

It was a big big world, but we thought we were bigger
Pushing each other to the limits, we were learning quicker
By eleven smoking herb and drinking burning liquor
Never rich so we were out to make that steady figure

Once I was eleven years old my daddy told me
Go get yourself a wife or you’ll be lonely
Once I was eleven years old

I always had that dream like my daddy before me
So I started writing songs, I started writing stories
Something about that glory just always seemed to bore me
‘Cause only those I really love will ever really know me

Once I was twenty years old, my story got told
Before the morning sun, when life was lonely
Once I was twenty years old

I only see my goals, I don’t believe in failure
‘Cause I know the smallest voices, they can make it major
I got my boys with me at least those in favor
And if we don’t meet before I leave, I hope I’ll see you later

Once I was twenty years old, my story got told
I was writing about everything, I saw before me
Once I was twenty years old
Soon we’ll be thirty years old, our songs have been sold
We’ve traveled around the world and we’re still roaming
Soon we’ll be thirty years old

I’m still learning about life
My woman brought children for me
So I can sing them all my songs
And I can tell them stories
Most of my boys are with me
Some are still out seeking glory
And some I had to leave behind
My brother I’m still sorry

Soon I’ll be sixty years old, my daddy got sixty-one
Remember life and then your life becomes a better one
I made a man so happy when I wrote a letter once
I hope my children come and visit, once or twice a month

Soon I’ll be sixty years old, will I think the world is cold
Or will I have a lot of children who can warm me
Soon I’ll be sixty years old
Soon I’ll be sixty years old, will I think the world is cold
Or will I have a lot of children who can warm me
Soon I’ll be sixty years old

Once I was seven years old, momma told me
Go make yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely
Once I was seven years old

Once I was seven years old

Book Recommendations & Romantic Tropes (part 1)


By now, you guys should know that I love my romances, right? I do! I love romances! They make me happy :D. But with every good romance, comes a healthy dose of tropes that are used quite often in this genre.

Everyone has their favorites and the ones they can’t stand. For instance, I hate the “hidden baby” trope, you know, when the girl gets pregnant and decides not to include the guy in her decision to keep it?! I hate that one!

But I LOVE a lot of them though, so I thought “why not recommend a few books from some of my favorite tropes?“. So that’s what I’m doing! Why not, right?! I do love a few of them though, so this theme will be divided up in a few posts.


Who doesn’t love a good “fake relationship turns real”? I know I do. I’m kind of a sucker for them actually.

  • Adorkable by Cookie O’Gorman is totally adorbs, and it’s about 2 BFFs who fake a relationship, only to realize they’re both in love with each other.
  • Big Rock by Lauren Blakely is so good! Also about 2 BFFs who pretend they’re engaged, only to realize they’re perfect for each other.
  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han… everyone knows this one, right? Adorable!
  • The Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn P. Nguyen is also an amazing fake relationship book. Also adorbs!


Friends to lovers is one of my all time favorite tropes used in romance books, because we all know that friendship is the base for any great relationship, right?

  • Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy is one of my faves, because Jamie and Wes are BFFs and AMAZING!
  • The Year We Fell Down by Sarina Bowen is another great one, where the main couple become super close friends before anything romantic happens between them.
  • The One That Got Away by AJ Pine is another BFFs turned lovers story, and it’s super cute.
  • Loud is How I Love You by Mercy Brown deals with the consequences of what happens when you get involved with your best friend and bandmate. SO GOOD!


This is another good one. Who doesn’t love the tension the animosity creates at first, only to know that they’re totally made for each other?

  • The Hard Count by Ginger Scott is such a good one… YA too… amazing.
  • Wallbanger by Alice Clayton is hilarious. And the fights between Simon and Caroline? EPIC!
  • That Thing Between Eli & Gwen by J.J. McAvoy… even though Gwen and Eli have one thing in common right off the bat, they do take their time to warm of to each other.
  • The Deal by Elle Kennedy is hard to define, because Hannah and Garrett begin as “enemies”, then they become friends, then super great friends, and then so much more. WHY HAVEN’T YOU READ THIS ONE?!

There you go! Twelve books that I absolutely loved, and fit the 3 mentioned tropes. Have you read them all? Tell me, which is your favorite trope in books?

Three Simple Words (A.J. Pine)


She’s holding out for a happy ever after.


I know where to find my happily ever after—between the pages of a romance novel. It’s why I sell books, why I blog about them, and why I’ll never get disappointed by love.

So what if my brother’s best friend from high school is now a bestselling author? Or that he just blew back into town on a Harley, filling out a pair of jeans like he never did before? Or that he’s agreed to do a signing at my bookstore on such short notice? Because despite all his adoring female fans, I kind of hated his book.


The last time I saw Annie Denning, she was a senior in high school, three years older than me and way out of my league.

Now I’m her last-minute date to a wedding, and what started as a night of pure fun has turned into something more real than either of us anticipated.

Annie is my muse. When I’m with her, my writer’s block fades away, and the words finally flow.

The only problem? She wants the fairy tale — her very own happily ever after — and anyone who’s read my book knows the truth. I just don’t believe they exist.

I read this book as a buddy read with  Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much, so check out her blog in the next few days for her review of this book.

This was my third book of the Kingston Ale House series, and I have to say, it was my favorite of the three. I still think that Jeremy’s story will take the crown though. Here are my reviews for The One Who Got Away and Six Month Rule.

Even though AJ Pine’s writing is still really my cup of tea, I thought it belonged in this book, you know? Somehow, having two characters that use words as a living, came well together with the 3rd person narrative. It’s still a contemplative writing, but Annie’s and Wes’ heads were funny as hell!

Annie was by far my favorite female leading lady from this series! I mean, this girl owns a bookstore, reads romances and blogs about books? Hello?! PERFECT!!! She felt believable, you know? This was a confident girl, who knew what she wanted, but didn’t realize she was too afraid to get it.

Wes was pretty amazing too. Who doesn’t love a screwed up boy, who doesn’t believe he can love, who’s also a writer? Of romance, no less?

I really liked the character growth on this one, because they both had a lot of growing up to do in order to get their HEA. Another thing that I really liked, and I think this book showcased it even more than the previous two, it was the connection and friendship between all the characters in the series.

Also, best friend’s sibling romance? I love it!

The plot took a couple of turns that I wasn’t expecting, and it was an awesome surprise, because I thought I had this one figured out, but nope, I didn’t. GOOD!

And, amazing Outlander reference there ;-).

Overall, I recommend this book, just like I recommend this series… A LOT. Go read it!

Fall Activities Book Tag


Hey guys. I haven’t done a book tag in awhile, so I thought it was time. Deanna @A Novel Glimpse tagged me for the Fall Activities Book Tag, and I jumped at this opportunity. Thanks Deanna!

Apple Picking:

A book on your TBR that looks so delicious you can’t wait to take a bite out of it

This question was made for this book! How can I say anything other than Nuts by Alice Clayton?!

Corn Maze

A book that’s so much fun to get lost in

Big Rock by Lauren Blakely was one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. The humour is on point, and it’s told exclusively through the guy’s POV!

Haunted Houses

A book that scared you silly

Sever by J.M. Miller was definitly a book that kept me on the edge of my seat and actually a little afraid for the main characters. This was a surprisingly awesome read, and if you like suspense and action on your romances, read this one.

Pumpkin Patch

The latest book you picked up (purchased)

My last purchase was online, and it was Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen, because it’s at 0.99$!!!!! It’s a steal, right? Go buy it HERE.

Scenic Drives

A book that is lyrically beautiful

Oh boy, I have to say Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover, because the Miles’ chapters are exactly that: lyrically beautiful!

Pumpkin Carving

A book you didn’t like and wouldn’t mind carving up

Oh my god… can I carve up Lessons of the Heart by Jodie Larson?!

Drinking Apple Cider

A sweet book to curl up under the covers with

I loved Because I Love You by Tori Rigby, and it’s kind of the book to read curled up under the covers.

Jumping in a Leaf Pile

A book that reminds you of your childhood

This book reminds me of my days watching Cinderella as a kid… there were a lot of days watching it, because Disney was still releasing the other movies, there wasn’t the selection that exists nowadays.

Scary Movie Night

Your favorite spooky read

I do not do spooky reads! AT ALL! NO NO NO!

Bonus! Costume Party

A book with an eclectic cast of characters

Have you read Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda? No? Why not??? What have you been doing?!

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Tempting Fate (Brinda Berry)


When two worlds collide, it can only be fate.

Collin knows trouble when he sees it. A beautiful girl crashing into his car? She should be flashing a neon DANGER sign. He knows better than to get involved with a fresh-faced babe who could break his already-tattered heart. After graduating from college, he’s on track to start over in a new place. He’s discovering what he wants from life, away from the shadow of his overbearing father and the betrayal of his cheating ex-fiancé.

Veronica’s home life morphs from trailer park to homeless after a bloody fight between her brother and her ex. She’s on the run from a situation that promises to be deadly. Without a home, money, or friends, she’s at Collin’s mercy.

Fate brought them together. Will a secret from her past tear them apart?

I’ve had this book in my To Read pile from Netgalley for a long while now, but I just couldn’t seem to find the time to get to it. This month’s readings are going well, so I thought it was time to get to some old ARCs, and this one caught my eye. Good thing too. I ended up really enjoying it.

First off: I loved the writing! The backbone of the story is slightly similar to Just One Moment, but the main difference for me was how much more this writing accomplished.

I really liked Collin and Veronica. Collin was just an all around good guy, who had been burned before, but his heart was huge. I liked him a lot. I liked how much he respected the people in his life, and how he respected Veronica’s wish to keep her secrets and own her own way, even when it drove him nuts.

Veronica was just such a strong girl! I was so shocked by what her happened to her in the days before she left home, and her reasons. Even as broken as she was, she still had the ability to trust people and see the best in people, and that was awesome.

The romance was so sweet! Oh boy, I was like “get together already, I’m shipping it like crazy!”. It doesn’t start off right away, and things evolve slowly at first, but by the end of the book, the commitment is strong, and even though I rolled my eyes at one particular thing there, I still really loved their connection. By the way, this is a low heat romance, it doesn’t show any explicit scenes.

The plot kept me on edge and not quite sure who to trust and what was gonna happen next, I liked it. I did hope that some things would have been explored further, such as some characters, such as Gunner, Beck or Raquel, and their relationships with the main characters. But overall, I loved this book, and even though I would have liked for it to dig a bit deeper, I still very much recommend it.

I sure will pick up some other books by this author, including the other 2 books of this series.

Just One Moment (Jami Wagner)


Skylar Atwood wants to find herself. After years of everyone making choices for her, she’s finally on her own, determined to make any and every decision she can. But being homeless and then accused of breaking and entering isn’t how her new life was supposed to go. 

It’s been a year, and Luke Warren isn’t handling his father’s death very well. As the only man of the house now, Luke takes on the role as a provider for his mother and sisters. Working extra hours to help his mom pay the bills and sacrificing all his free time is beginning to take its toll on him. Until he knows they’ll be okay, he won’t quit. Not even vandalism to his family’s bookstore will stop him.

Despite the fact Luke blames Skylar for everything going wrong in his life and Skylar thinks Luke’s the most uptight jerk she’s ever met, the two can’t stop the attraction that continues to draw them together. Giving in to their feelings is the easy part, but one moment can ruin everything. Luke can’t change his past, but his future won’t be the same if Skylar isn’t in it.

Truths are tested and choices are challenged. Just One Moment will capture your heart.

Once again, I read this book as a buddy read with  Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much, so check out her blog in the next few days for her take on this one.

The premise of this book seemed interesting enough, so I was curious to see how it would turn out. To sum it up right off the bat, I did like the plot, a lot, I sort of liked the characters too, but what didn’t quite work for me was the writing and the pacing.

I’m not sure I can quite put my finger on my problem with the writing, I think it was too abrupt sometimes, and some things felt rushed because of that. This also made some characters feel aggressive, like Luke. Most of all, I felt like some things were too rushed, and I wasn’t a fan of the writing of the most intimate love scenes.

Now, I did like the characters, especially Skyler. Luke was kind of a jerk at times, but I did get him, and I understood his reasons, he was in a tough spot, feeling like he had to take care of his family, and feeling like he should give up everything that wasn’t directly related to supporting them. About Skyler… I’m torn, because I did really like her, I liked her wonder of every single mundane thing. But I didn’t think that her reasons for running away like she did were strong enough, if you know what I mean?! I did like her character development and how she came to terms with stuff.

I liked the romance, because I like the tension that the “enemies turned lovers” trope brings to the story. I did feel like the romance was a bit rushed at some points, but the chemistry was there, for sure.

I hated that what seemed to come between them was money, but I did like the big conflict in this book, it sure gave the book an edge.

In the end, I did really like the story, but there was something in the writing that just wasn’t for me. I do still recommend it though ;-).

Book Traveling Thursdays: A Book That Got Me Into Reading


Hello, welcome back to another Book Traveling 168709Thursdays, which a weekly meme created by Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle @Danielle’s Book Blog. The goal is to share the covers of a book related to that week’s theme, which you can see at the Goodreads group, indicating the original cover, the one of your country, your favorite and least favorite.

This week’s theme is “We all have to start out of somewhere. Choose a book that got you into reading“. The book that got me to reading was truly Twilight (yep yep), but I then stopped for a bit after that series and Harry Potter, and it was only when I read The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones that I haven’t stopped again.

Original COver:

I don’t love the original covers, but I’ve grown pretty used to them by now, and I don’t find them as bad.



I still don’t quite understand why they switched the original covers for book 1 and 2 in Spain and Portugal, but it happened.  I like the new spanish cover better, even if they used the original cover for the second book again.

Favorite COVER(s):


It shouldn’t come as a surprise by now, that I LOVE the new UK covers for this series. I love them so much, that I bought the whole series with these new covers… yep… I also like the new US ones, especially those spines.



I can’t even with these covers! The Polish, Czech, and Bulgarian ones look like covers for a graphic novel… and the Czech is just too bad to even be out there in the world. Then the Ukrainian is just too weird, and the German one looks like a Narnia book or something.