Top 5 Wednesday: Characters I Used to Love


Welcome back to Top 5 Wednesday! This meme was created by gingerreadslainey and is hosted by Sam @ThoughtsOnTomes and you can check out the  Goodreads group here. This week’s theme is Characters You Used to Love but Don’t Anymore .

These are the characters who you used to adore, but now you don’t. Maybe they changed a lot. Maybe you outgrew them. Maybe your outlook changed and now you can’t stand them. Maybe you don’t even hate them, you just are neutral about them when you used to run a fan blog about them.

Just to be clear, I still like these characters, just not as much as I did when I read them for the first time…


9 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Characters I Used to Love

  1. Tasya says:

    I also used to love Adam and Jace. The character swap in Adam is just unpredictable and still pissing me off, and Jace just got to clingy with Clary 😦

  2. theportuguesebibliophile says:

    Everybody stopped liking Tamlin the Tool. I don’t think anyone who’s read acomaf actually likes him.
    Why did you stop liking Jace though?

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