2017 New Adult Reading Challenge: Book Recommendations (1)


Hey guys! As you know, this year I’m doing the 2017 New Adult Reading Challenge, created by the amazing Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too, and because I’ve read some amazing NA books last year, I thought that I could recommend some to you that fit in the Book Bingo from the challenge.

Today I’ll focus on the first 5 topics:

1. Book set in college
2. Hyped Book
3. Debut Novel
4. 2017 Release
5. New Adult best seller

Most of the books here are books I’ve read and really really liked. Click on the names of the books to be redirected to my review of said book


I love books set in college, and these belong to some of my favorite series.


All these books deserve all the hype they have.

The Deal
November 9
Losing It
Archer’s Voice


Again, try some of these amazing debut novels. I loved most of them. I had some issues with Wrong, but the writing is just fantastic.

Chasing Crazy
Loud is How I Love You
The Keeper
More Than Music


 I’ve read the first 2 books here, but I’ve started the other series, and I’m predicting that the sequels will be fantastic.

The Rule Maker
More Than Distance
The Feeling of Forever
Royally Matched
Catching Carly


Finding NA best sellers is not that easy… so just to clarify, ACOMAF, Fangirl and Hopeless are classified as Young Adult a lot, but they are totally New Adult for me, because of age and content.

Ugly Love
The Score
A Court of Mist and Fury

So, I’ll keep posting recommendations for this challenge, as well as updating the challenge with the books I’m reading for each category each month, ok?

Just a reminder:

Next saturday, January 28th, at 9 pm GMT (4 pm EST), Cátia is hosting her first Twitter Chat of the challenge. You can see the announcement HERE. So, mark your calendars and let’s all talk about how we’re doing in this 2017 New Adult Reading Challenge, ok?

14 thoughts on “2017 New Adult Reading Challenge: Book Recommendations (1)

  1. Aldii says:

    I’m sadly not participating in this challenge because I didn’t want any pressure, so I’m not participating in any challenge BUT I’m definitely following your recs and I’ll try to read them so I will kind of participate? 😂 I love NA but I don’t think I have read enough so I can’t wait to read more plus they end up being a bit addictive for me

  2. lenoreo says:

    Not all of these would have fit for my personal definition, b/c I tend to have a more limiting view on what constitutes NA vs Adult. But I will definitely keep some of these in mind! I haven’t read a single (for me) NA book this year so far! Hopefully I have more time the rest of the year, or I’m going to fail this challenge! 😛

      • lenoreo says:

        Sorry for the late response!! Life gets busy, you know?

        I just tend to have a more limiting view on New Adult. I really take the new to heart, and so see it as adults between 18-24 (sometimes I’ll stretch that to 26) and they’re either in school or dealing with their first real grown up jobs, if that makes sense. I guess it’s because I’m older (37) and so realize that you never really become a full adult, and I wanted to have more specific criteria for *myself* to follow, if that makes sense. I really wanted the books to give me that feeling of being a new adult and struggling with that. But I have to draw a line, b/c at 37 I’m *still* struggling with being an adult, it never ends. 😛

        I tend not to see it as a genre either, but as an age. It’s the same for Young Adult. For me, YA isn’t a genre, but an age. I know that’s not the technical definition by libraries and whatnot, but it makes more sense for me. And usually Young Adult indicates the age of the characters, not the audience it is intended for. So for me books with high school characters that have sex are still YA, I would just classify them as Mature YA. It probably doesn’t make sense to anyone else, it’s just my weird brain. I know I’m probably in the minority.

        • My Tiny Obsessions says:

          it makes total sense to me :D. I’m not that strict with the age thing, I might stretch it to older if the book warrants it, but it’s usually till 25 or something like that. and yeah, usually when dealing with major things, first job, college, things like that. I don’t think it’s a genre, but a category?! does that make sense? Also yes about the YA and mature YA

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