Top Ten Tuesday: Miscategorized Books


Hello, welcome back to another Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is:

FREEBIE — that super specific list you want to make?? All yours to tackle this week!

We have all sometimes looked at the categories the books are inserted and then think “WTF? HOW IS THIS BOOK CLASSIFIED AS THAT?!?!?!?!”. Yeah, it happens to me a LOT, so why not do a post about that, right? So, here you have, 8 Miscategorized Books.










40 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Miscategorized Books

  1. Jacquie (Rattle the Stars) says:

    ACOTAR is definitely not YA! I find a lot of books are mislabeled as YA and then people are up in arms when there are tons of sex and violence. Great idea for this week!

  2. onceuponabookishnerd says:

    Yea I totally agree that ACOTAR (and ACOMAF ) are definitely not YA!!! Which didn’t bother me as much but it seems a lot more YA books are more of a NA and they don’t label them right. It’s like if they were to label Game of Thrones a YA book..haha , we all know that isn’t true! I wonder if they read the book before they label them sometimes?

  3. Diana Prince Reviews says:

    Oh god, who put Attachments in YA? It’s not even remotely close. I love that book but cmon, that is squarely in adult contemporary. I also snorted out loud at Crown of Midnight being a dystopia. Really. Read the blurb, marketers.

  4. amber @ onlytruemagic says:

    This is definitely a great topic to tackle! With Goodreads, especially, I think most of the problem comes from readers not really knowing how to categorize things properly. NA is sort of a newer concept in the mainstream reading community, so people who aren’t as entrenched in proper categorization probably don’t know that it exists? Even Barnes and Noble over here doesn’t really have its own dedicated “New Adult” section yet and usually you find them interspersed between YA and Adult.

    • My Tiny Obsessions says:

      I get that about NA, it was news to me when i started reading it too. and you are absolutely right about the problems with goodreads, a lot of people classify books wrongly. The classifications should be done by the author/publisher and should included in the specifics of the book

  5. ravenblake99 says:

    There are so many NA books listed as YA and Adult books as New Adult. Wallbanger is definitely not a NA novel and Ugly Love is not YA. I’m not surprised to see Crown Of Midnight in the dystopia list cause I’ve been seeing many readers listing fantasy books under dystopia genre mostly Young adult books.

  6. Tiana says:

    Honestly, I often find it hilarious when a book is labeled in a wrong category, it reminds you that you never really know what your going to find in any section of the bookstore, and how many books are placed in a section just because it probably sells better there, as is probably the case with ACOTAR. Especially when Sarah J. Maas’s other series is in ya as well.

  7. Dee @ the Bookish Khaleesi says:

    I am positive ACOTAR was marked as New Adult series by SJM but I have no idea why it keeps getting listed as YA. Especially ACOMAF. That is no way YA. Looks like Goodreads needs to get their act together because Colleen Hoover doesn’t write YA either. She even says that her only booked classified as YA is Slammed and everything else is NA.

  8. Keira says:

    Wow, um I knew about some of these, but Crown of Midnight being a dystopia? Really?

    And yeah, EVERYBODY gets ACOTAR wrong; at least with Fangirl there is nothing to explicit so it’s okay to be put in the YA section in terms of young people won’t be scared for life. Now, I’m not talking like 15-16 or whatever, because at that age ACOTAR isn’t going to be much of a shock, but 12,13 or so don’t need to be reading that 😀

    Another complication is that although the first few books in the TOG series are YA, the later ones are NA because the characters are older and things are more explicit (especially EOS)- they do have a warning on the back for mature content. But that rises the question of where you put them. Similarly with Harry Potter, the first couple are middle grade but the later ones are really YA…

    • My Tiny Obsessions says:

      I totally agree with all of this Keira. I have the same issue with ToG, for me just the first book is really YA, because from then on, it’s pretty clearly matura YA or NA. And ACOMAF has more mature content than some erotica novels… And the same for HP, those last 4 books are not middle grade.

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