2017 New Adult Reading Challenge: Book Recommendations (2)


Hey guys! As you know, this year I’m doing the 2017 New Adult Reading Challenge, created by the amazing Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too, and because I’ve read some amazing NA books last year, I thought that I could recommend some to you that fit in the Book Bingo from the challenge.

Today I’ll focus on the first 5 topics:

6. Book about friendship
7. Book with music or art
8. Book out of your comfort zone
9. Book based on its cover
10. Diverse novel

All books here are books I’ve read and really really liked. Click on the names of the books to be redirected to my review of said book


NA books just about friendships are not easy! So I’m going for books where friendship is super important.


I’m just now noticing that these are ALL about music!

In Your Dreams
Loud is How I Love You
More Than Music
Maybe Someday
Stay Until You Break


This is not a very easy theme. All these books had elements that were sort of weird to me.

Hot Not to Fall


 I’m a sucker for gorgeous book covers, and they’re not that common in NA.

Wasted Words
Finding London
Lessons in Gravity
Right Where You Are


I really liked all of these, and I have a few more that would fit this category.

The Understatement of the Year
Outside the Lines
That Thing Between Eli & Gwen
Adulting 101
For The One

So, next week I’ll post another 5 categories. Have you read these books? What did you think of them?

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