Book Tag: Kiss, Marry, Kill


It’s time for a book tag people! I was tagged by Deanna @A Novel Glimpse to do the Kiss, Marry, Kill – Book Characters tag, and I’m jumping right into it.

I’m following Deanna’s lead here on how to pick my books: “randomly select three book characters for each tag from my “read” books on Goodreads for each round“.


Kiss: I have to kiss Noah… it’s the only way…
Marry: Of course I’m gonna marry Ryan, because he’s the best!
Kill: I’m sorry, but I can’t see Cabot as an adult. He’s just so young 😦 .


Kiss: Kashmir all the way! (Yes, I’m totally ignoring age on this one…)
Marry: Jem Carstairs! He was my first book boyfriend, so of course I would marry the dude!
Kill: Sorry Max 😦


Kiss: I’m gonna go ahead and kiss Benton here, because, well…
Marry: Declan is just too amazing to pass. Also, this book has a special place in my ❤ .
Kill: OMG, I’m sick of killing such awesome dudes. Sorry Houston 😦 .


Kiss: Charles! This is the easiest round yet.
Marry: Archer all the way 😀 – GO READ THIS BOOK!
Kill: Yeah, no remorse here…


Kiss: I would kiss Asher, because he’s just the cutest.
Marry: I would most definitly marry Tuck because he’s just AWESOME!
Kill: Again, I don’t want to kill Eli, he’s great, but I have no choice.


Kiss: I would kiss the hell out of Chase 😀 .
Marry: Is there even a question here? Dean Holder all the way!
Kill: Sorry Mack. He’s great though 😦 .


Kiss: I would kiss Gavin, because he’s so yummy!
Marry: I would have to marry Crosbie, because he’s just the perfect combo of sweet and hot.
Kill: Sorry Chase…


Kiss: I would kiss Magnus Bane, because OBVIOUSLY I WOULD! 😀 😀 😀
Marry: This one was tough, but Wyatt wins at marriage.
Kill: What the hell, this game is mean 😦 . Sorry Noel.


Kiss: Raffe would be my kissing choice 😀 .
Marry: I would marry Kyle, because he’s quiet, shy and super amazing, and I love him.
Kill: Bah, this sucks… sorry Wes.


Kiss: I would obviously kiss the hell out of Hollis!
Marry: Mason… he’s just the kind of guy who does ANYTHING for the people he loves…
Kill: This has a logic! I think that Julian belongs with Emma, so no point in trying to bring him to my side, right?


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There’s Something About Nik (Sara Hantz)


Nik Gustafsson has a secret: He’s not really Nik Gustafsson.

He’s not a spy. He’s not crazy.

He’s just the son and heir to one of the most important families in Europe—one where duty always comes first. And his posh, too-public life is suffocating him. So when he gets the chance to attend boarding school in America, pretending to be an average exchange student is too big of a temptation to pass up.

Then he literally runs into Amber on campus. And she hates him at first sight.

It’s kind of exhilarating to be hated for who he is, not for his family name or his wealth. Maybe if he turns up the charm and turns down the aloof mask he habitually wears, he can win her over. Even though a bad past experience has made her swear off dating this year.

But the more he gets to know her, the more uncomfortable he is keeping things from her.

Because Nik Gustafsson has a secret. And it’s a big one.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains a hot boy who’s the strong and silent type, a studious girl who refuses to believe in fairy-tale romance, and one epic secret that could be disastrous if it comes to light.

I have started on my marathon of Entangled Crush books that I have for this month. And I have to say, I really enjoyed it.

In true Entangled Crush fashion, this book is super duper cute! The story is told in dual POV, in the third person, but the voices of Nik and Amber are clearly distinct, mainly because Nik as such a specific background. I really liked the writing :).

I really liked both characters as well, I just wished that they had been a little more fleshed out. I’m just gonna say it, because it’s not really a spoiler… Nik is a prince! And he’s a bit entitled and clueless, but adorable at the same time. And Amber is such a strong young woman. I really really liked her. They both have a little character growth during the book, but I was kind of expecting more.

The romance was where I had a couple of issues, because I thought that it was super cute and great, but then it was also fast?! I kind of wished that had communicated a little better at some points there. However, I did think that the characters acted their age, they were immature on some things, and that was to be somewhat expected.

Overall, this was a very entertaining and fast read. If you’re in the mood for a very cute (royalty) romance, pick this one up.