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Hey guys! Michelle @The Writing Hufflepuff created the amazing The Amsterdam Book Tag awhile back and tagged me to do it. I’m finally coming around to it and I’m excited 😀 . I have never been to Amsterdam, though I really want to. And yes Michelle… I LOVE CHEESE!

Why do we have so many cheese stores in one street: A Cheesy Read

I love cheese! I love all kinds of cheese.

So, this was one of my favorite reads of last year, and it’s cheesy, but the best kind! Royally Screwed (Royally #1) by Emma Chase.

Canal Parade: A Book that Celebrates the LGBT-Community

Oh gosh… I’ve read a few LGBT novels, but one that I feel that celebrates it?

Hmmm, I’m going to go with the obvious answer here and say Simon vs the Homo sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli.

Anne Frank House: A Book that Made you Cry

I’m a cryer. I cry a lot while reading books. It doesn’t have to be particularly sad for me to open the floodgates. I sometimes cry when there’s a scene between a parent and their child. I’m that kind of person. Either way, I cried with the book that I finished yesterday, so it’s only fair that I share that: A Boy Like You by Ginger Scott.

amsterdam_tagRed White Blue: Recreate the Dutch Flag using Books

I do not have my physical books with me to snap a picture 😦 , but I’m improvising either way and doing it with 3 sweet and good YA contemporaries.


Museum Square: An Artsy Book

This is a pretty easy one, given that I reviewed one just yesterday!

Eheh… You’re Welcome, Universe by Whitney Gardner it’s pretty artsy 🙂 . Even though I had some issues with this book, it was still pretty awesome and highly diverse.  

Pigeons, Pigeons Everywhere: An Annoying Character

You know those characters that are annoying as hell most of the time, but are still pretty awesome and you love them? Both main characters of Right by Jana Aston are like that for me. I love Everly and Sawyer though, even if they’re just too much sometimes.

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7 thoughts on “The Amsterdam Book Tag

  1. Analee @ Book Snacks says:

    Ahhhh Simon vs is SUCH a cute and lovely novel, especially for the diversity aspect. I love it so much!! ❤ I can't wait to read You're Welcome, Universe, I love that it has an artsy side to it. 🙂 Love your picks, though I don't recognize all of them aha.

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