Sugar, We’re Going Down (M.H. Soars)


They say nothing compares to the first kiss. That sentence needs to be amended. Nothing compares to the first kiss from Oliver Best. I knew in the moment our lips touched that the cocky rockstar would be forever imprinted in my mind. I also knew that loving him would be my destruction. And yet, love him I did.

Oliver Best, former rockstar, heir to one of the largest fortunes in Great Britain, and the country’s most infamous bad boy.

Saylor Blue Carter, college drop-out, lead singer of a struggling band, not a penny to her name.

When they met, it was hate at first sight. Oliver was an arrogant ass. Saylor was a cold hearted bitch. These were the thoughts they had for each other. Until that kiss. That life altering, earth shattering, nuclear kiss. They knew what that kiss meant. They knew anything between them would be explosive and without hope for a happily ever after. So they vowed to forget, they tried to stay away. But now with their best friends’ wedding approaching, all bets are off.

*Warning: This book ends on a cliffhanger. The sequel will be published on June 6, 2017

I read this book as a buddy read with Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too. Go to here to read her review of this book.

So guys… see that warning at the end of the blurb? Yeah… it wasn’t a part of Netgalley blurb, which means that I thought this book could be read as a standalone, only to understand almost at the end that NOPE. In fact, Oliver and Saylor’s story will be told in THREE PARTS! Yeah… 3! I have to admit that it didn’t make me love the book more.

While I haven’t read the first book in this series, I did read the novella, Catch You, and I had quite enjoyed the writing, so I was super disappointed that the writing on this novel just didn’t work for me. At all! I felt it was to curt and direct, and it somehow didn’t go that well with the story itself. I just really couldn’t connect with it.

Then there’s the characters. I have to say that I was intrigued by Oliver and Saylor. Clearly they both had some pretty messed up pasts and presents, and there’s more to both of them than meets the eye at first, but while I think the book did a good job letting us get to know Saylor, it just didn’t work on the same level with Oliver. I was intrigued by him, but after the whole book I couldn’t tell you WHO he was.

The plot though, kept me hooked, and more than anything that’s what’s making me want to read the sequels. Because these two characters have chemistry, even if I think that they aren’t completely “whole” yet, and the plot is very interesting and I kind of need to know what will happen next.

So, would I recommend it? Yeah, maybe, but it’s tough to tell without actually knowing the whole story. I don’t mind several books about a single couple, but what I don’t like is feeling like something is being kept from me the whole freaking book. I seriously can’t deal well with that.

With that said, read it if you’re interested. Or if you like me and don’t like the “incomplete” feeling that this book left me with, maybe just wait for the sequels to come out? That’s what I would have done, had I known…