Noteworthy (Riley Redgate)

It’s the start of Jordan Sun’s junior year at the Kensington-Blaine Boarding School for the Performing Arts. Unfortunately, she’s an Alto 2, which — in the musical theatre world — is sort of like being a vulture in the wild: She has a spot in the ecosystem, but nobody’s falling over themselves to express their appreciation. So it’s no surprise when she gets shut out of the fall musical for the third year straight.

Then the school gets a mass email: A spot has opened up in the Sharpshooters, Kensington’s elite a cappella octet. Worshiped … revered … all male. Desperate to prove herself, Jordan auditions in her most convincing drag, and it turns out that Jordan Sun, Tenor 1, is exactly what the Sharps are looking for.

Guys guys guys, I finally finished Noteworthy!!! I have to say that I really enjoyed this book, even though it took me about one month to get over it.

I really liked the writing, it was funny and witty, and I really liked Jordan’s voice. But the pacing was a bit off at the beginning for me. The book moved just a tiny bit too slow in those first few chapters. But then the pacing got right, and I flew through the book, and it was immensely enjoyable.

I couldn’t completely connect with Jordan, but I appreciated how she thought about the issues she was involved in, and how her behaviour could affect some important things, and I thought she grew up a LOT during the story, and I loved that.

But my favorite part was the relationships between Jordan and the boys, and the boys between themselves. I kind of wanted more of that. I wanted to know a bit more about all of them and see how they ended up.

I thought it was commendable the way the author dealt with all the sexuality related questions within this book, and I loved the racial diversity.

I thought the plot would be a bit MORE, you know? Everything was going great, but I found the whole reveal a bit anticlimactic, and I kind of wish that a couple of elements weren’t there. But either way, I loved the love and support between the characters, and that’s what drove this book for me.

There is a slight romantic element on this book, and I loved that it didn’t overpower the story, and the relationship was just so cute and sweet. It was awesome.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and I would highly recommend it.