Tiny Pleasures #14

Hey guys!

Once again I’m here to share some of my good moments from the last few weeks, ok?! The Weekly Small Pleasures is a weekly feature created by A New Life Wandering, and the goal is to show you some cool stuff that happened in the last week or so. So, here it is…

1. Deadpool & Friends

Last week me and a couple of friends from work did a movie session of Deadpool, McDonald’s, popcorn, ice cream and a sleepover. It was so much fun!

2. Day off and Lisbon Book Fair

I took advantage of my day off to go to the Lisbon Book Fair for the first time this year :D.

3. But no time…

For anything else! I spent my day off at the fair, and that meant that I didn’t quite have the time to write posts for my blog, which means this week I failed 2 days of blogging. Oh well…

4. Book Haul

My day at the book fair meant that I bought 3 books. Yeah, 3! I hadn’t buy physical books in months. But they were just so pretty…

5. Matcha Iced Latte

It’s just so hard for the guys at Starbucks here in Portugal to make my matcha latte right… but this one was yummy 😀 .

6. #ILoveBooks

Yeah… that’s what the picture says. That’s the book fair for you.

7. Book Fair day 2 

Today was my second day off this week, so what did I do? I went to the Book Fair with Cátia 🙂 . And did we find after the book fair? Well, we found the new edition of Carry On, and we just had to buy it. WE HAD TO! Because look at it!!!!

8. Beautiful Lisbon

I just want to say how pretty my city is 🙂 .

That’s what I’ve been up to lately, what about you?
Any small pleasures?