Bad Penny (Staci Hart)

Nothing good comes after the third date. 

Date three is the crucial point when things get real, which is exactly why I bounce out the door, twiddling my fingers at whatever poor boy I’ve left behind. Because if I stick around, one of three things will happen: he’ll profess his undying love, he’ll get weird and stalky, or I’ll go crazy. Like, Sid and Nancy crazy. Like, chase-him-through-the-streets-begging-him-to-love-me crazy. 

Seriously, it’s better for everyone this way. 

So when I meet Bodie, I figure it’ll be the same as it ever was. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t put a single string on me. Doesn’t matter that he’s funny and smart and jacked or that he can play my body like a grand piano. Because even though I’m built for love, love has only carved me up like a Christmas ham. 

Resistance is something I can only hang on to for so long, and he has persistence in spades. But my heart isn’t as safe as I want to believe, and neither is his. And the second I ignore my cardinal rule is the second I stand to lose him forever.

This book is brilliant! No other way to put it: BRILLIANT!

This was my third book by Staci Hart, but definitly my favorite. I loved the writing, and different voices of the two man characters, the humour and sexyness. Staci Hart did an amazing job with this one, and I just want everyone to read it 😀 .

Penny is one of my favorite female characters ever. I loved how she gave zero fucks. She was unapologetic about who she was, she was loud and crazy and AMAZING. And she had purple hair!!! I understood her issues, even if I just wanted to club her in the head and scream at her to stop being afraid… but I got it, and so did Bodie. I loved how much Bodie respected Penny, how he gave her space and time, even when he was sure about his own feelings. But I also loved that he was honest about how he felt and what he could deal with.

And people… Bodie and Penny were all kinds of hot together. I think this was probably one of the sexiest books I’ve read, and I’ve read erotica. Their chemistry was off the charts, and they complemented each other amazingly well.

There was a lot of character growth on this book, especially Penny, and I thought it was super well done. The plot was amazing, and the book was paced amazingly well too.

If I could have one more thing, I would wish for more time with Penny and Bodie together, just being together and talking, they were just that great. I also loved all the secondary characters, and I’m pretty sure there will be a book about Bodie’s twin and Penny’s BFF and I’m all for it.

So guys, go read this book. It’s all kinds of amazing!