Beautiful Mistake (Vi Keeland)

The first time I met Caine West was in a bar.

He noticed me looking his way and mistakenly read my scowling as checking him out.

When he attempted to talk to me, I set him straight — telling him what I thought of his lying, cheating, egomaniacal ass.

You see, the gorgeous jerk had wined and dined my best friend — smooth talking her into his bed, all along failing to mention that he was married.

He deserved every bit of my tongue-lashing and more for what he’d done.

Especially when that lazy smile graced his perfect face in response to my rant.

Only it turned out, the man I’d just told off wasn’t the right guy.

Oops. My mistake.

Embarrassed, I slunk out without an apology.

I was never going to see the handsome stranger again anyway, right?

That’s what I thought…until I walked into class the next morning.

Well, hello Professor West, I’m your new teaching assistant.

I’ll be working under you…figuratively speaking.

Although the literal interpretation might not be such a bad thing — working under Professor West.

This was going to be interesting…

For the past year or so, I’ve been steadily enjoying Vi Keeland’s books, and her collaborations with Penelope Ward, so I was expecting another hit from Beautiful Mistake. Unfortunately, this book turned out to be my least favorite romance by this great author.

I was enjoying this book at first, but then something felt off for me. The main thing that bothered me was Rachel, the main character herself, because while she is a great girl most of the times, when Caine calls her feisty, I would call her a first class bitchy brat.

I’m gonna put stuff into context here. Rachel meets Caine, she then realizes she’ll be his teaching assitant, they’re clearly attracted to each other and they are never really the epitome of professional. But I have to give it to the guy, he tries to keep away, badly, but he tries. He also has a lot to lose if it gets out that he’s interested in a student, even if she’s 25 and a graduate student at that. But everytime things don’t go Rachel’s way, or Caine tries to act a little more cold, she calls him off, she shouts at him, she tries to make him jealous on purpose, she dresses provocative… but the thing is, she does all this at his place of employment! While I could ride the train of a student/teacher relationship, her behaviour inside their class room was a huge NO for me.

Another thing I could not get on board with was the fact that after it was clear that they felt something for each other – though nothing had happened yet – Caine offered to be Rachel’s thesis advisor. And she accepted. While the TA/Teacher relationship I could get on board with, because it was like a boss/employee thing, the advisor/advisee didn’t sit well with me. As a graduate student myself, I know the power flow of that position. And in my opinion is even worse than a student/professor relationship, because that class would only last a semester, while a thesis can last a lot longer. I didn’t like that at all. Mostly because when they got into that arrangement, they already knew how they felt.

I also had a lot of issues with the past stories of the characters. Rachel says at one point that she had very wild teen years, and yet, while the reason can be inferred, the story is never developed. The same with Caine’s past… we have a lot of elements, but nothing is ever tied together. Some things are never explained. I was expecting a better constructed storyline, and to be honest, I was severely disappointed by the lack of the development of the back story.

I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t sold on the romance either. While the chemistry was awesome and there’s no doubt that Keeland can write some fantastic intimate scenes, the romance felt a bit weak, and more based on the attraction than anything else. Another thing I felt needed a bit MORE.

Now, not everything is a negative, I did like the writing style, like always, and I did enjoy the fact that we got dual POV, even though Caine’s POV was more limited than Rachel’s, which was a shame because I felt like he had a stronger voice. And because I listened to the audio version, I have to say again that  Andi Arndt and Sebastian York are the most amazing narrators

I’m really sorry to write such a review today, I love most of Vi Keeland’s books, and I’m so sad I didn’t enjoy this one too. Either way, I’m sure I’ll continue to scarf down anything she writes 😉 .

Have you read Beautiful Mistake? What are your thoughts on it?

WWW Wednesday: August 30th 2017


WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @Taking On A World Of Words, where you have to answer these questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


I’m reading Arm Candy by Jessica Lemmon, and I’m really enjoying it.


This week I finished Overruled by Emma Chase, Most Valuable Playboy by Lauren Blakely, and Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland


Next I’m reading Temporary by Sarina Bowen and Sarah Mayberry and Decidedly With Baby by Stina Lindenblatt.

Overruled (Emma Chase)

As a DC defense attorney, Stanton Shaw keeps his head cool, his questions sharp, and his arguments irrefutable. They don’t call him the Jury Charmer for nothing – with his southern drawl, disarming smile and captivating green eyes – he’s a hard man to say no to. Men want to be him and women want to be thoroughly cross examined by him.

Stanton’s a man with a plan. And for a while, life was going according to that plan.

Until the day he receives an invitation to the wedding of his high school sweetheart and mother of his beloved ten-year old daughter. Jenny is getting married — to someone who isn’t him.

That’s definitely not part of the plan.


Sofia Santos is a city raised, no-nonsense litigator who plans to become the most revered criminal defense attorney in the country. She doesn’t have time for relationships or distractions.

But when Stanton, her “friend with mind-blowing benefits” begs for help, she finds herself out of her element, out of her depth, and obviously out of her mind. Because she agrees to go with him – to The-Middle-Of-Nowhere, Mississippi – to do all she can to help Stanton win back the woman he loves.

Her head tells her she’s crazy…and her heart says something else entirely.


What happens when you mix a one stop-light town, two professional arguers, a homecoming queen, four big brothers, some Jimmy Dean sausage and a gun-toting Nana?

The Bourbon flows, passions rise and even the best laid plans get overruled by the desires of the heart.

I’ve been meaning to start this series for a long long time, and I’m so glad I finally had some time for it and read Overruled.

This book felt completely different from the Royally series by Emma Chase, but I loved the writing all the same. And she completely sucked me into this story, and made me fall in love with the characters.

But I do think I should have read the blurb, because I had no clue what was going to happen right from the start. And once I started reading, I was a bit worried about the triangle quality of the story. But I was happy that even though in theory Stanton was trying to get his first love back, this story never felt like a triangle to me.

I had a few moments when I wanted to slap Stanton in the face though, because he was kind of clueless and lots blind. Jenny, I wanted to slap a few times too, because she put Stanton in a tough situation. They had their arrangement, and even though it was stupid as hell, they were both in it together, until they weren’t and she forgot to actually say so to a few key people… like her boyfriend or the father of her child. Either way…

I did like the guy a lot, especially his moments with his little girl. He was an amazing dad, even if somewhat absent at times.

I did love Sofia! That girl was amazing 😀 ! I loved how strong and determined she was, and that even though she was hurting like hell, she was still supporting her best friend and wishing the best for him. Good thing that the best for him was the same as the best for her.

The chemistry between these two? EXPLOSIVE! I’m so glad that when the book started they were already well acquainted with each other, because it made their relationship and their interactions that much better, by how well they knew each other.

Overall, I loved this book. I loved the romance and the connections between the characters. And I’m so excited for the next couple of books, because I loved their little gang. I can’t wait to see that group grow 😀 .

Have you guys read The Legal Briefs?
What are your thoughts on Overruled?

The Summer Book Tag

Hey guys! Time for another book tag, and I saw this one in Marta’s Blog, The Book Mermaid, and thought “why not?”. So today I’m doing this version of The Summer Book Tag.


The cover for The Summer Before Forever by Melissa Chambers is the definition of summery.


This was just too easy… Illuminae… eheh


My edition of Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell is very yellow, eheh.


I’m picking A Fine Mess by Kelly Siskind because I actually read part of it while sitting on the beach.


What does “run to the ice cream man” means? I have no clue, so I’m sharing an action book I really loved and I’m excited for the sequel, Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh.


Of course Fallen Heir ended on a cliffhanger, but it was painful and bad, and I hope it’s fixed on the first page of the last book.


Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley made me happy in general. This is a wonderful book, and I wish more people read it.


I’m choosing this cover because I can actually see the sun in it. I’m simple like that. To Professor, with Love by Linda Kage


I’m so excited to have gotten an ARC of Temporary by Sarina Bowen and Sarah Mayberry, and I can’t wait to get time to get to it.

I Tag:

Everyone! Have fun and enjoy this tag.

Fallen Heir (Erin Watt)

These Royals will ruin you.

Easton Royal has it all: looks, money, intelligence. His goal in life is to have as much fun as possible. He never thinks about the consequences because he doesn’t have to.

Until Hartley Wright appears, shaking up his easy life. She’s the one girl who’s said no, despite being attracted to him. Easton can’t figure her out and that makes her all the more irresistible.

Hartley doesn’t want him. She says he needs to grow up.

She might be right.

Rivals. Rules. Regrets. For the first time in Easton’s life, wearing a Royal crown isn’t enough. He’s about to learn that the higher you start, the harder you fall.

So… I have to admit, I was expecting to absolutely love this book, but unfortunately I didn’t. Easton was my favorite Royal for the first 3 books of this series, I loved his relationship with Ella, and his sense of humour. He was a delight! Easton in Fallen Heir? Not my Easton… He seemed more like the Easton of Paper Princess, before any character development that happened throughout the series so far.

One thing has to be said. Erin Watt, aka Elle Kennedy and Jen Frederick, still have the gift of sucking us in within the story. This book was addicting, like all the others. That, the drama and the cliffhanger, were the only things I saw in common with the other books though.

I’m going to have to drop some minor SPOILERS. Sorry guys, but I have to, because I need to speak about some stuff.

While I truly liked the characters, Ella and the Royals, on the first trilogy, I’m not feeling that warm towards the characters on this book. Especially Easton Royal. My dear Easton… Yeah, I’m not a fan at the moment. Easton seemed to have gone back 1000 steps, I was expecting him to be self-destructive, but I was also expecting him to “THINK” better than the things he said and did, if that makes any sense. Let me explain…

Easton always acted like a little jerk, it was a call for help, that was established early on on this series. But Fallen Heir is told exclusively through Easton’s POV, so even though Easton has some deep deep issues he needs to work on, for the most part he doesn’t just act like a jerk… HE IS A JERK! And this felt like a kick in the gut.

Easton brags about how he’s God’s gift to women, he spends most of his time thinking how much money he has and how much he can spend on stupid things, how no woman can resist him, how he had Ella first. And this one is just WOW (-_-)’. “Oh poor baby me, I don’t have any real friends”. I mean, are you freaking kidding me? Didn’t we spend 3 books where it was established that Easton and Ella were GREAT FRIENDS?! And suddenly, here, he’s always hurting her on purpose, and he actually thinks and believes all the shit he tells her. Like how she has Reed’s balls, how she should be worried about Reed cheating on her, you know… good and friendly stuff. Then there’s the entitlement, the fact that he believes he has some sort of right to her, because he kissed her first. Why is this even being mentioned here? This is a girl he technically sees as a sister, who is dating his brother, and is one of his closest friends.

Why does he says so many times he doesn’t have any friends? He doesn’t even try to talk to people. Look, I get it, he feels completely lost and without a place, I get it. But Easton spends the whole book feeling something, making the same mistakes, and going around in circles. And this was maddening. There was no character growth AT ALL. There was just Easton feeling sad, drinking himself to sleep, messing up, feeling sad, drinking, …, do you see the cycle? Yeah, the whole book was like this!

Easton did something wrong, he got mad at the people he hurt, like it wasn’t his fault at all, then he went and made it worst, and repeat.

Also… Easton says all he wants is to fly again, his dad says all he has to do is get his act together and don’t drink, and he’ll allow him to get back on the planes. What does Easton do? Yeah… he drinks every chance he gets. Oh brother…

Ok, we’ll get back to Easton in a bit. But what about Hartley Wright? So, I kind of liked her at first. I liked how she didn’t give a f*ck about who Easton was, and how hard she worked for herself and her place. I liked how mature she seemed, and the contrast to how immature East is. But I just didn’t buy it. The whole situation surrounding her, is just not believable at all. Her dad is a hot shot district attorney, he runned for mayor, and his middle child lives a few minutes away from them, in a bad area, has to work to be able to eat, and no one has caught wind of the situation? Especially at school? Hmmm, no. I mean, no no no.

Now, I did enjoy parts of the romance. I liked that Easton gave a real shot at the friendship thing, and opened up to Hartley, and seemed to have her best interest at heart. I liked their banter too. But I didn’t like how on the back of his mind he was always trying for more, even when she explained why she couldn’t. I also hated how she threw on his face everything he did “wrong”, when she allowed him in her life and wasn’t fighting for herself.

But I’m gonna say again, because this really really bothered me: Easton had friends. He kept telling he didn’t, but he did. Reed tried to speak with him, Ella was supportive, even Val. But no… “I have no friends…”

Let me tell you about the villain and the drama. Ari called Felicity Jordan 2.0, and she is. But I didn’t get the whole situation to be honest, I felt everything was so darn stupid. She wants to be the queen and take out Ella, or be with Easton for appearances, whatever. But he agrees to the fake relationship to make Hartley jealous, then he tells Hartley right away – points for Easton here – but he’s still not capable to put Felicity on the line and make sure the truth is known? Aren’t Ella and him ruling the school now? What was the difficulty of actually setting things straight?!

I just thought it was so stupid… sorry, but it was. It had no real weight. It could have been handled with easily. Bahhh…

There’s obviously a major cliffhanger by the end of the book, and while I did see one of the things coming, I didn’t see the other at all, and I’m curious as to how it’s going to be solved.

As you can see, it wasn’t my favorite book, but I still have high hopes for this series and the last book. I need Easton to open his eyes to the amazing life he has, seek the help he needs and appreciate his family and friends. I need his relationship with Ella to go back to normal. I need the twins to cut Lauren loose, because she’s toxic. I need Callum to be more present again, because just replacing your booze whenever your middle child drinks the whole stock is enabling him. I need to know why Ella’s not eating, because why wouldn’t she? I need to know what the deal is with the new QB, if he’s trouble or if he’s coupling with Val (maybe?!). I need Hartley to open her eyes and fight for what she wants. I want Easton to grow up again. I need Reed a bit more present.

I really hope the last book blows my mind, and that everything I disliked on this one is explained and solved. However, a lot of people seems to have liked this one, and it is full of stellar reviews. It really didn’t work for me though, but I’m not giving up on Easton, and I have my fingers crossed for the next book.

Paper Princess | Broken Prince | Twisted Palace

Royally Endowed (Emma Chase)

Logan St. James is a smoldering, sexy beast. Sure, he can be a little broody at times — but Ellie Hammond’s willing to overlook that. Because, have you seen him??

Sexy. As. Hell.

And Ellie’s perky enough for both of them.

For years, she’s had a crush on the intense, gorgeous royal security guard — but she doesn’t think he ever saw her, not really.

To Logan, Ellie was just part of the job — a relative of the royal family he’d sworn to protect. Now, at 22 years old and fresh out of college, she’s determined to put aside her X-rated dreams of pat-downs and pillow talk, and find a real life happily ever after.

The Queen of Wessco encourages Ellie to follow in her sister’s footsteps and settle down with a prince of her own. Or a duke, a marquis…a viscount would also do nicely.

But in the pursuit of a fairy tale ending, Ellie learns that the sweetest crushes can be the hardest to let go.


Logan St. James grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, in a family on the wrong side of the law. But these days, he covers his tattoos and scars with a respectable suit. He’s handsome, loyal, brave, skilled with his hands and…other body parts.

Any woman would be proud to call him hers.

But there’s only one woman he wants.

For years he’s watched over her, protected her, held her hair back when she was sick, taught her how to throw a punch, and spot a liar.

He dreams of her. Would lay down his life for her.

But beautiful Ellie Hammond’s off-limits.

Everybody knows the bodyguard rules: Never lose focus, never let them out of your sight, and never, ever fall in love.

Once again, this book blew me away. I LOVE this series, and I swear to god, that Shane East, who narrated all the males in this series, can melt panties just with that awesome accent… *sigh*

I’m not even going to go into the writing, because this is the third book in the series, and it’s pretty clear that I love the writing on it, right?

I really liked Ellie and Logan already, but I was super curious to see how Emma Chase would deal with the age difference when they met, and evolve it to a full romance. I’m happy that this was a slow slow slow burn romance… as in, it took years for ANYTHING to develop. And given that when they meet Ellie is 17 and Logan is 22, this was really the only way to go 😉 , though I admit that I was shipping them by that point. But they get to know each other, and they helped each other, Ellie is a free spirit and Logan is so bound to duty and honor and to be part of something larger than himself. I loved their connecting, how they’re always there for each other, how Logan protects Ellie at all costs, even from his own feelings.

But when it finally happens, it’s glorious and amazing, and the connection that was there along turns into something exponential MORE, and it was epic.

The book takes place throughout 5 years, so the inclusion of Nicholas and Olivia and Henry and Sarah was a given, but I was so happy with the large amount of page time they got, especially with their families growing and special moments taking place.

The drama is big, but I felt it was a bit predictable, given the way the book starts, still, it didn’t take away from the main event, and didn’t deter from the story one bit.

I was truly only missing more interactions between some favorite characters. I wanted a heart to heart between Olivia and Logan. I wanted more time between Logan and Tommy, because these guys are BFFs, but because the books spans so much time, we hardly ever truly see them together. I wanted more family time with all of them.

But as you can see by my rating, this didn’t take away from my enjoyment of this book. If you have any doubts left, I LOVED IT! I think this one was my favorite one of the series.

Now I need a book about Tommy and this Abby woman. And then I think Princess Jane would have a good match in sweet Finn a few years down the road… Yeah, I can see it… she’s a brat, and he’ll be super down to earth and he’ll be such a sweet heart and pure soul, that I think they would balance each other out. Who’s with me on that one?

Royally Screwed | Royally Matched

A Perfect Ten (Linda Kage)

Let your hair down, Caroline, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

I know I’ve closed myself off in a major way over the past year, ever since “the incident” where I messed up my life completely. It’s past time I try to live again or just give up altogether. But this is quite possibly the craziest thing I’ve ever done. In a last ditch effort to invigorate myself, I’m standing outside Oren Tenning’s bedroom, I just peeled off the sexiest pair of underwear I own, and my hand is already raised to knock. My brother would disown me for doing anything with his best friend, and he’d probably kill Oren. But if I play my cards right, no one will ever know about this. Not even Ten.

Maybe after tonight, I’ll finally get over this stupid, irrational crush I hate having on the biggest jerk I’ve ever met. Or maybe I’ll just end up falling for him even harder. Maybe I’ll discover there’s so much more to my crude, carefree hunk than meets the eye.

Guys, this was my 6th book of this series, and I’m still quite enjoying it, even though I had some issues with just how this romance gets started.

Again, the writing is still pulling me in big time, and I’m super invested in this series and in these people, because Linda Kage just made them such an amazing group with some great dynamics.

About the characters though, I already loved Caroline and Ten, by now, I’ve read 3 books were they were prominently featured, so I knew I liked them a lot already. What I wasn’t expecting was for them to fit together so well. Ten and Caroline ended up being much more alike than I original thought, and I loved their shenanigans together. I loved how Caroline saw past all the bullshit that Ten said, and got to know the person he truly was, and Ten was so damn devoted to her.

Now… I wasn’t very pleased about how their relationship finally started. It is implied in the blurb, but I thought it was going to go a different way. But the thing is, Caroline sneaks into to Ten’s room, he believes he’s meeting someone else, he realizes she’s not the girl he’s supposed to meet, but he still doesn’t know who she is… and this happens more than once, and even though he WISHES she’s Caroline, because he’s in love with her, he BELIEVES that she’s not. Because of this, I have to say that I was really uncorfortable with this situation, even though it all worked out well for them.

While I loved the character growth and the romance between Caroline and Ten, I also loved the support of most of their friends, and the lengths they went to to be together and happy. But I was so disappointed at Noel for a moment there… 

Also, this book made me cry like crazy!
The last portion is just so darn sad.

For me, another strong installment of this series. Not perfect, but still pretty amazing. I only have 3 more books to read, and again, I’m excited!

Price of a Kiss (Forbidden Men #1) 
To Professor, with Love (Forbidden Men #2) 
Be My Hero (Forbidden Men #3)
With Every Heartbeat (Forbidden Men #4) 
A Perfect Ten (Forbidden Men #5) 
Worth It (Forbidden Men #6)
The Girl’s Got Secrets (Forbidden Men #7) 
Priceless (Forbidden Men #8) 
Consolation Prize (Forbidden Men #9)

Book Traveling Thursdays: A Book That Was Worth the Hype


Hello, welcome back to another Book Traveling 168709Thursdays, which a weekly meme created by Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle @Danielle’s Book Blog. The goal is to share the covers of a book related to that week’s theme, which you can see at the Goodreads group, indicating the original cover, the one of your country, your favorite and least favorite.

This week’s theme is “Hype is not always a bad thing. Choose a book that was worth the hype”. I’m going with Royally Screwed by Emma Chase, because I just finished the third book in this series, and I absolutely love this series, and I want everyone to read it.

Original & Favorite COver:

I love the original cover for this book. I think it represents the book well, and I love the font and choice of colors.


The Only different cover is the Italian one, and yep, I don’t like it at all.

WWW Wednesday: August 23rd 2017


WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @Taking On A World Of Words, where you have to answer these questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


I’m reading Overruled by Emma Chase this week. I’ve only read the first chapter so far though, because other books got in the way…


This week I finished A Perfect Ten by Linda Kage, The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater, Royally Endowed by Emma Chase and Fallen Heir by Erin Watt


Next I’m reading Most Valuable Playboy by Lauren Blakely, and Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland.