Beard in Waiting (Penny Reid)

A Long scene/short story featuring two unlikely characters from the Winston Brothers series.

When I started this I thought it was a novella, but in truth it is a very very short story about 2 very unexpected characters.

Are you ready to know about who the book is? I need to talk about it, otherwise I cannot actually review this scene, eheh. So this story is about Diane, Jennifer’s mom. And… Repo… yep, Repo. If you’ve been reading the series you might be thinking right about now: “damn, these people are all related somehow“, and I say, yep, it seems so, eheh.

I didn’t really like Diane on Beard Science, even though she kind of redeemed herself towards the end, the way she treated Jennifer throughout all her life, was a huge no no for me. Yes, I hated her daddy more, because he implied all the time that she was dumb and so on, but Diane’s treatment of her daughter wasn’t that much better. So, I’m glad to say that she grew on me on this short story, because I felt like she was truly trying to be better for Jenn. But I do like Repo, and I want better for him than that club, so I hope this was the beginning of something, and that by the end, we actually see these two together and happy and NORMAL, because they both deserve that.

Overall, a very cute very short story, I wish it was just a  bit MORE.


5 thoughts on “Beard in Waiting (Penny Reid)

  1. Birdie says:

    Wow, I’m kind of surprised by this! I know we got glimpses of Repo in all three stories, and I know we could tell that there was hidden depth. I just never thought he’d be a romantic interest, or saved.

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