August Wrap-Up

August already ended… Damn, this year is going by way too fast, and I feel like I haven’t done nothing productive all year. Either way… I managed to read 14 books this month, this has been the number I books I’ve been managing lately, so I’m happy with that. Also, I read some great books, and some not so good.



I read 5 more books towards the NA reading challenge:

Which brings my total to 49 New Adult books read so far, putting me still at the NA Advanced level. But I’m only one book away from the next level. I also found out that I’m picky about what constitutes a NA book for me, eheh.

I’m also only missing 2 categories to finish the NA bingo:


  1. With Every Heartbeat (Linda Kage)
  2. The Player (K. Bromberg)
  3. Twisted Twosome (Meghan Quinn)
  4. Truth Or Beard (Penny Reid)
  5. Grin And Beard It (Penny Reid)
  6. Beard Science (Penny Reid)
  7. Beard In Waiting (Penny Reid)
  8. Beard In Mind (Penny Reid)
  9. Beauty And The Mustache (Penny Reid)
  10. A Perfect Ten (Linda Kage)
  11. Royally Endowed (Emma Chase)
  12. Fallen Heir (Erin Watt)
  13. Overruled (Emma Chase)
  14. Beautiful Mistake (Vi Keeland)

So… what happened in August?

  • My mom was in Portugal, which means we went to the movies a few times, and my favorite watch was Wind River;

  • The awesomeness of the Caramel Popcorn Frappuccino!

  • Three shades of PINK! I told you last month that I had dyed my hair pink, right? So, the pink started to fade to a baby pink, so yesterday I dyed it again with a darker pink tone, with purple-ish tones.


  • I had my Summer’s work party last weekend, and it was a lot of fun 🙂
  • I finally snagged a copy of Lord of Shadows! Cátia knows how hard that was to find, eheh.

So, guys, how was your month of August?!

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