Arm Candy (Jessica Lemmon)

Last call! At the end of the night, a clean-cut hunk and a rebellious bartender act on their unlikely chemistry in this frisky standalone novel from the author of Eye Candy.

Davis: I’ve had my eye on Grace Buchanan for a while now. Unlike the bubbly blondes I usually date, the feisty, flame-haired bartender both intrigues and bewilders me. Something about Grace—the tattoos? the nose ring? — makes every part of me sit up and beg. There’s only one problem: She hates me. Trading insults and one-liners has become our M.O. But when Grace bets me that I can’t get a date with a non-blonde if my life depends on it, I’m determined to prove her wrong by landing the ultimate non-blonde: her.

Grace: I’m used to regulars hitting on me, and I’ve turned them all down, except for one: Davis Price. I like giving him a hard time, and he’s kind of cute in his suit and tie — if you’re into that kind of thing. Anyway, I don’t care how many blondes he takes home . . . until one of them sidles up to him in my bar. Nuh-uh. But after my little bet with Davis backfires, our first date lands us in the sack. So does the second. And the third. Neither of us wants more than the best sex of our lives. The trouble is, it’s not a question of what I want. It’s what I need. And what I need is Davis.

I read this book as a buddy read with Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too, go to her blog on the next few days to read her review of this book.

Guys, I enjoyed this book way more than the first one, Eye Candy. Again, the writing was fantastic, but this time, the story and the characters were great too.

Davis was great, I really liked how he put himself out there and fought for what he wanted, even though he had been burned before, and had all the reasons not to risk his heart. He was sweet and caring, and not afraid of his feelings, and I loved him for that. Grace was a bit more skittish, and she has a lot more issues, but she trusted Davis and they were so good for each other.

I really liked the romance and the relationship, it was sweet, and I enjoyed that it developed slowly. But I sort of expected the banter to be a little more pronounced throughout the book, even when they got together. But there was no doubt that they were perfect for each other, and they had amazing chemistry.

I loved how sweet and romantic this book was, even through the hard times, but I did feel like some plot lines could have been explored a little bit more. But overall, a very very enjoyable book, that I highly recommend.

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