September Wrap-Up

Damn guys, it’s October already. How did this happen? This year is just flying by… oh well. So, this month I did well, I think. I didn’t read as much as last month, but I still took out 12 books of my TBR, even if 2 were novellas and 1 I did not finish. Eheh.



I read 2 more books towards the NA reading challenge:

Which brings my total to 51 New Adult books read so far, putting me finally at the NA Expert level. YUPIIIIII!!!

I’m also done with my  NA bingo:


  1. Most Valuable Playboy (Lauren Blakely)
  2. Arm Candy (Jessica Lemmon)
  3. Decidedly With Baby (Stina Lindenblatt)
  4. Temporary (Sarina Bowen & Sarah Mayberry)
  5. On The Spectrum (Jennifer Gold)
  6. Sustained (Emma Chase)
  7. Appealed (Emma Chase)
  8. Sidebarred (Emma Chase)
  9. The Fiction Of Forever (Brinda Berry)

September went by way too fast. I had some great moments with friends and colleagues, and some not so good stuff happening in my family life, but I hope October will be better and will bring better news. On the bright side, I’m going to Greece in just a few days, so YAY!

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