2018 Reading Challenges

Hey people. Last year I set the goal at 150 books, and I read 174. Given that I started working in April, it lessened the amount of time I had to read. So, this year, I’m keeping the goal at 150, and I’m gonna do my best to reach it.

Besides the Goodreads challenge, I’m doing the  2018 New Adult Reading Challenge, created by Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much. I did quite well last year, but I wanna do better this time around.

The challenge has two different directions and I plan to tackle both. The first one is by the number of NA books read and there are a few categories:

  • NA Newbie – 6 books
  • NA Initiate – 12 books
  • NA Intermediate – 24 books
  • NA Advanced – 36 books
  • NA Expert – 50 books
  • NA Queen/King  – 100 books
  • NA Supreme – 150 books

I’m aiming for the NA Queen category, this year, because last year I only managed NA Expert.

The second thing within this challenge is a Reading Bingo and I’m so excited for this one! I finished my Bingo last year, so fingers crossed…

  1. Finish a Series
  2. Friendship to Love Romance
  3. Book with a POC Main Character
  4. New to You Author
  5. First Love
  6. First Book by a Favorite Author
  7. Bottom of your TBR
  8. Book Set in Winter
  9. Book out of Your Comfort Zone
  10. Enemies to Lovers
  11. Book with Only Male POV
  12. Blue Cover
  13. Book with Number in the Title
  14. Book that makes you Cry
  15. Forbidden Romance
  16. LGBTQ Novel
  17. Book about Family
  18. 2018 Release
  19. Book Set in another Country
  20. Book You Knew Nothing About
  21. Fantasy Novel
  22. Book with Music or Art
  23. Book Written by a Male Author
  24. Book With Multiple POVs
  25. Freebie


2 thoughts on “2018 Reading Challenges

  1. Ayunda says:

    Best of luck for your challenges!!! I myself am not joining any of those challenges, I feel like this year I prefer reading freely and reading whatever I want, but I do join a Goodreads group called Monthly Challenges where a handful of people try to get more points by completing different challenges each month. It’s really fun and a great way to challenge myself! 🙂

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