Psstttt…. I’m Co-Blogging Now…

Hey guys! So, I have a little piece of news for you, though if you follow me on twitter, you might already know. A couple of weeks ago an opportunity arose and I started collaborating on another blog.

I’m now co-blogging at:

I’m thrilled to be co-blogging with Nick and Lisa. It will be a process for me, getting used to not doing all on my own, but it gives me such a feeling of freedom too. Blogging while maintaining a full time job, and trying to finish my PhD is not easy, and I think this move will be good for me, especially for my drive to blog.

Obviously, I’ll keep blogging here, I have my weekly posts and my reviews, but somehow, even though now I’ll be blogging in two different places, I don’t feel that much pressure (if that makes any sense…).

I’ve written 2 posts Romances Ever After so far, you can check them out here:

Hello, I’m Cris

Why You Should Read The Ivy Years by Sarina Bowen

So, that’s my news for today. I hope you all step by Romances Ever After, and take a look at the amazing recommendations by Lisa and Nick too.

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