7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

  1. Lois says:

    I’m torn about And I Darken. I have the book but am not really all that interested in reading it just yet. I am however heartbroken to see The Night Circus on this list!

  2. anovelglimpse says:

    I loved The Night Circus. I read it when it came out, though, and can’t remember much of it except that the writing was beautiful.
    The Selection was okay, but I think skipping it is fine. I couldn’t get past page 43 in the second book anyways.
    I have My Lady Jane — hopefully I will get to it sometime.

  3. Lunar Luci says:

    Noo not The Night Circus! May I ask why? I did read the selection series, and decided I didn’t like them and stopped halfway through book 4 haha

  4. amortalreader1 says:

    I read The Night Circus and I didn’t really enjoy it that much, it actually bored me quite a bit in places so your not really missing out there. However it is loved by so many, they might kill me alongside you for not wanting to read it any longer haha!

  5. Rachel says:

    I’ve heard so many people say The Night Circus is amazing! I really enjoyed The Selection series, much more than I expected to. It’s not amazing literary fiction, but it’s really fun! R xx

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