Stone (Max Monroe)

First, hate. Then, want. But in the end? Heartbreak.

My celebrity life was supposed to be easy, and this movie was the biggest break of my career. But from the moment Officer Levi Fox gave me a speeding ticket on my way into town, he’s been nothing but a thorn in my side.

Dominant. Cocky. Callous.
Midnight blue eyes, a bad attitude, and muscles for days, he’s exactly the kind of man I should avoid.

But as the Cold, Montana Police Department’s official movie liaison, he’s taken up a permanent place in my life that I can’t shake.

We fight. A lot.
Then, we kiss — and my carefully crafted hate toward him no longer feels so much like hate.

I’m falling
But how often do alpha-jerks cushion the landing?

Note: Levi and Ivy’s story will continue in Book Two—Cold.

Disclaimer: Please ensure your imaginary seatbelt is fastened…tightly. This ride wild, sexy, bumpy, and angsty AF, and without a restraint, you’re liable to get bruised.

Disclaimer for the disclaimer: Sadly, there are no imaginary seatbelts for e-reader devices. Therefore, the authors cannot be held accountable for any broken devices due to the emotions STONE’s wild, crazy, fast-paced, and intense story may invoke.


I haven’t read that many books by Max Monroe, but this one felt different from all books I’ve ever read. I really really enjoyed it. I couldn’t get enough of it, and I wanted to have Cold and Fox in my hands, so I could see how Ivy and Levi’s story will end, though I’m sure the journey will be wild, crazy and spectacular.

The writing is strong, and engaging, and the character’s voices are so unique. I was reading my book, completely absorbed, and my work friend was behind me, and she read a few passages from the book a few times, and she commented on the language, so I said “yeah, this is the guy’s POV”, and she immediately said “so before you were reading the girl’s POV, right? Because it was different!”. YES YES YES, all the YESES! If someone not even reading the book in full can see right away the differences in the narration, you KNOW that the authors were able to give completely different voices to their characters.

I love both main characters. Ivy is such a strong woman, vulnerable at times, but such a strong person. I love that she breaks so many Hollywood stereotypes that we see in books sometimes. She loves and gets along great with her family, she has so much integrity, her main concern is to do Grace justice, and I love her for all of this. Levi is such an intense guy, and I’m so curious to know more about him, I felt like we get to know him bit by bit, but there’s so much still to uncover, and I can’t wait.

The plot, so far, definitly has me curious and wondering for what comes next. Unfortunately we’ll only get the complete picture of the plot and story once the full trilogy is out, but this one peaked my interest, and I need more. The chemistry between Ivy and Levi is off the charts, and I loved every single time they interacted, and I need to know what comes next.

So, guys, amazing amazing amazing start for this series, and I can’t wait for what’s to come 😀 .

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