This Week On TV: Yuri!!! On Ice


Yuri!!! On Ice is not exactly news to most of you, right? After seeing it everywhere since the end of last year, I finally decided to watch it, and OH MY GOD! I devoured the episodes!!! It’s just so good! 😀

The show centers on Yuri, a japanese figure skater, who after not coping well in his last competition, decides to quit the sport, until one of his videos is leaked, and Russian Champion, Victor decides to take a break from his skating career to coach Yuri.

Unlike Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too, I’m not a die hard fan of figure skating, I appreciate the beauty and that’s it, so that’s not really what fascinated me the most about this show, though it’s still pretty amazing. No, what got me going were the amazing characters and the great relationships.

This show focus mainly on the Yuri and Victor’s journey through the ISU Grand Prix, and how much they both grow and learn about themselves. But it also shows the story and evolution of all of Yuri’s competitors. I thought there was going to be some sort of bitchy behaviour and some of them would be jerks, but that was surprisingly not true at all. The guys are so respectful of each other, and are genuinely good natured and I just really liked that.

The humour is so on point – and highly sexual – and those moments between Victor and Yuri? MAGICAL!!!

And I love Yurio! I love him so much 😀 .

I now want the second season, because those 12 episodes? They definitly were not enough!

So guys, have you seen Yuri? Are you also obsessed with it?

Top Ten Tuesday: TV Shows I Binged and Love!

top 10 tuesday

Hello, welcome back to another Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is:

In honor of Fall Tv, do a tv-themed topic! Top ten favorite tv shows of all time, ten new shows coming out this Fall that are on my radar, tv shows I wish never got cancelled, tv shows I would recommend to book characters, books I wish would be tv shows, ten favorite shows from the late 90’s or early 2000’s, ten tv shows for every fantasy lover, etc.

I’m doing 10 TV shows that I totally binged-watched and fell in love with, and which I love until this day.


Latest TV Obsessions


I’ve been home, in Portugal for over a week now, and there’s an awesome thing about being home: having my TV again. TV not only means scripted TV shows, but my latest obsessions are the other ones. Let me show you what I’ve been watching lately.

You would think that considering that I’m inside an airplane quite frequently, that I wouldn’t like to watch a show like Mayday: Air Crash Investigation, which shows and explains the worst plane crashes ever, right? But I love it, I’m so hooked on it. It’s incredible how a little thing can do so much damage, and how much they can find out without much to go on.

Too Cute is a show that Cátia got me hooked on. This show is wonderful as it show baby kittens and puppies since they’re born until they’re old enough to be without their moms. It’s adorable!!!


I generally love Australian shows, they’re so nice! House Rules is a new addition to the channel lineup, and I’m loving it. The teams have to re-ro each other’s homes and then get judged by the owners. It’s so cool!

This is a show that makes me sad most of the time, but undoubtedly, Catfish is an amazing show and an eye opener. Now, MTV Portugal, why haven’t you aired it this week?

I like the New York version a lot better, but Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta is the one showing right now, so this is the one that I’m watching everyday. I sometimes hate some of the families and attitudes they show, but some things are adorable, and who doesn’t love to see wedding dresses?

I love love love Shark Tank! I also like the Dragon’s Den, but I like this one better. Some things they show are amazing, but I honestly just love the sharks and how they interact with one another :).

So guys, do you watch any of these shows? What do you think?

Musical Mondays: The Ballad of Russell and Julie by Doctor Who Cast


I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, though I have to admit that I’ve been slacking and I have quite a few episodes to watch. Still, the 10th Doctor era was my favorite, and I thought I would share something that the cast and crew did to honor Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, performed by David Tennant, Catherine Tate and John Barrowman. Enjoy!

Julie and Russell sat one night.
Russell sparked up a Marlboro Light.
Julie’s eyes were all ablaze,
As Russell tried to shun her gaze.
He knew the look, he knew the score;
It seemed more manic than before.
Russell cringed in fear and dread
As Julie pulled him near and said:

Let’s do it!
Let’s do it!
I’ve had a really good idea.
We’ll re-vamp, make more camp
A sci-fi show from yester-year.
I’ve had banter with Tranter.
Your written word will be hailed in the ming mong mantra.
Let’s do it!
Let’s do it tonight!

But he said…

I can’t do it!
I can’t do it!
You’re asking far too much of me.
I’m harassed, embarrassed;
I’ve watched the show since I was three.
Don’t choose me, don’t use me,
My mother sent a note to say you must excuse me.
I can’t do it!
I can’t do it tonight!

So she said… 

Let’s do it!
Let’s do it!
Make a brand new Doctor Who.
We’ve got Chris in, all’s missing
Is a sidekick and an all-Welsh crew.
It’s not silly to ask Billie.
We’ll film in every quarry from here to Caerphilly.
Let’s do it!
Let’s do it tonight!

Ooh, then he said…

I can’t do it!
I can’t do it!
The pressure of the BBC.
I must e-mail some young male
To alleviate the stress on me.
I can’t block out, please lock out,
Images of Johnny B getting his cock out.
I can’t do it!
I can’t do it tonight!

She replied…

Let’s do it!
Let’s do it!
Phil okayed my offer to produce.
We’ll get Trac to take flack
When he lets his raging temper loose.
My decision to use your vision
Will make the show the best thing on the television.
Let’s do it!
Let’s do it tonight!

And he squawked…

I can’t do it!
I can’t do it!
Chris is giving up his role.
No Time Lord? Oh good Lord,
How we’re gonna fill this role?
It’s too complex, we’re all wrecks.
My brain is overflowing with a bloody Dalek.
I can’t do it!
I can’t do it tonight!

She excitedly said…

Let’s do it!
Let’s do it!
We’ll get another Time Lord in.
Don’t sweat it, you can’t let it
Make you sad and maudlin.
It’s not over, and moreover,
We’ll get the lovely fellow in from Casanova.
Let’s do it!
Let’s do it tonight!

And he yelled…

I can’t do it!
I can’t do it!
I really think that I can’t cope.
More re-writes, no respite-
I think I’ve given up all hope.
It’ll get canned, it’ll be panned.
Lou says there’s no costumes in the whole of England.
I can’t do it!
I can’t do it tonight!

Then she proclaimed…

Let’s do it!
Let’s do it!
Martha Jones is Freema Agyeman.
We’ll bring back Captain Jack
To fight against the Cybermen.
We’ll cast a great Master,
He can plunge the planet into global disaster.
Let’s do it!
Let’s do it tonight!

And he screamed…

I can’t do it!
I can’t do it!
You’ve cast Australia’s pop princess.
It’s madness, my sadness
Will make this episode a mess.
My panic is manic-
The uproar when I kill her off on the Titanic!
I can’t do it!
I can’t do it tonight!

And she expelled…

Let’s do it!
Let’s do it!
The Doctor needs a brand new mate.
Don’t linger, go ginger.
I’m gonna bring back Catherine Tate.
I wanna, you’re gonna,
Reunite the Doctor with the fabulous Donna.
Let’s do it!
Let’s do it tonight!

He punctuated…

I can’t do it!
I can’t do it!
I’ve got obsessed with E4’s Skins.
Writer’s block. Please don’t mock,
It takes my mind off other things.
It’s so lame,
I must blame dirty thoughts I’m having about Midshipman Frame.
I can’t do it!
I can’t do it tonight!

Excitedly she said…

Let’s do it!
Let’s do it!
To film abroad will get my vote.
I promise Ed Thomas can’t bring Ancient Rome to Upper Boat.
It’s D-Day on Pompeii;
The forums will be buzzing on Outpost Gallifrey.
Let’s do it!
Let’s do it tonight!

And he roared…

I can’t do it!
I can’t do it!
The studio in Rome’s ablaze.
On fire, it’s dire-
How the hell are you not phased?
It’s mental. Be gentle.
They say the cause of fire was a Berkley Menthol.
I can’t do it!
I can’t do it tonight!

So she roared…

Let’s do it!
Let’s do it!
We’ve got kids back behind settees.
Our mission, ambition,
Was a show for all the families.
we should try as our goodbye
A hassle-free excursion to sunny Dubai.
Let’s do it!
Let’s do it tonight!

But he shouted…

Oh, let’s do it!
Let’s do it!
I feel like I’ve been set free.
I won’t sweat it, now Moffat
Is taking up the reins from me.
I can’t wait, it’s just great-
I’ve got a cracking way for Dave to regenerate.
Let’s do it!
let’s do it tonight!

Guess what?

They did it!
They did it!
They opened up the TARDIS door.
They’re terrific, prolific.
Made it better than it was before!
A ‘thank you’ from your crew.
We crown you both the King and Queen of Doctor Who.
You did it!
You did it tonight!

Shadowhunters Renewed for Second Season

It’s official! Freeform as announced that Shadowhunters will be back for a second season.

I have to admit that I’m slightly torn here. For one, I’m super happy because I do love this book series and I want to see the characters and the story I love playing out on TV. On another hand, I’m not entirely happy with the path they’re taking this series on, and I’m afraid it will get even more derailed…

Either way, I do hope they take this opportunity to listen to some critics of the first season, and build up from that. 😀

Young & Hungry Renewed for 4th Season


Freeform announced yesterday that Young & Hungry will be back for a 4th season. I’m super glad, I do love this show, even though I’m not very happy with the turn that this season is taking, and I sure hope they fix it for good.

Either way, amazing news, right? Do you watch this show? Are you happy about the renewal?

Outlander Season 2 Sneak Peek


Outlander will be back in April 9!! Starz also released the season 2 trailer, which you can see below, and wow, that looks intense. It’s time for me to finally finish season one, because then I won’t have to suffer the wait! 😀