Always My Own (Tawdra Kandle)


***This is the rest of the story . . . what happened to Trent and Elizabeth after Underneath My Christmas Tree ended. ***  

When Elizabeth Hudson and Trent Wagoner met on a Christmas tree lot in Florida, sparks flew, igniting a fire they both thought would burn for a long time.

The problem with fires is that sometimes people get hurt. In this case, both Elizabeth and Trent end up burnt when an impulsive decision results in long-term repercussions.

Trent, still dealing with the aftermath of a painful situation in his hometown of Burton, struggles with the feelings he has for Elizabeth. He’s not sure that committing to her is a good idea when everything he touches seems to end badly.

Elizabeth took a risk when she moved to Burton for Trent. Now she’s stuck in a job she’s not sure she likes, living with people she doesn’t know, in love with a man who may not be capable of the forever she craves.

When it seems as if hope has died . . . there’s always love.

This was my third book by Tawdra Kandle, and my second one in this new trilogy. I’ve previously read The Last One and Always For You, and the last one left me curious to Trent story, so I was happy to finally read about him. And I didn’t read their previous short story, but I didn’t miss it either, because the events that happened before are quite well explained throughout this book.

Like the other books in these series, the story takes place in the small town of Burton, and I really liked how all the previous people in the other books have important roles – I still need to read the last 2 books of The One Trilogy.

I really liked the writing on this one, I’ve been liking it more as the books go by. The only thing that I had a small problem with was the repetition. Several events and how they unfolded are mentioned several times, but they’re also described in detail several times, and I didn’t think that was needed. A thorough description once would have been enough, even if it was mentioned several times after.

The characters were interesting, especially Trent. Elizabeth had some depth to her, and she had a lot of character growth. Their romance is slightly different from the couples in the other books, since they start the book married already, and not sure they can find their way to each other again.

I liked the overall plot of them finding acceptance in each other and in others, given how the whole town treated Trent, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending.

In the end, I really enjoyed this book. I think that my favorite parts are seeing all the gang from the previous ones coming together 🙂 .


Always For You (Tawdra Kandle)


Maureen Evans has had a crush on Smith Harrington since they were in college together. She always knew he didn’t see her as anything more than his best friend—just one of the guys—but that didn’t stop her from weaving sexy fantasies about him.

Now, after years of maintaining a long-distance friendship, Smith’s moving to Burton, Georgia, Maureen’s hometown, to become her partner at the veterinary clinic. After all this time, she should be able to handle working with him without getting hot and bothered.

Or maybe not.

The more determined Maureen is to maintain their just-friends bond, the more Smith seems intent on testing those boundaries. And when flirting crosses the line into something more, it ends in a night neither of them can forget.

When friendship is no longer enough, there’s always love.

A couple of months ago, I reviewed another book by Tawdra Kandle, The Last One, to which I gave 3 stars. The Last One was the first book of the The One Trilogy, what I didn’t realize was that this book right here, Always For You, the first one of the Always Love Trilogy, was intimately connected to that other series. So when Meghan – the main character from The Last One – appeared, it gave me all sort of feelings. Even if The Last One was not my favorite read, I did get attached to the characters, and I just loved getting to see them all again, and see how their lives were going. It also made me want to read all the other books in the series soon, because I’m so curious about all the couples.

This time I actually enjoyed the writing, it flowed well and simply, enough that I read the book in one sitting.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the 2 main characters. I do love a story of best friends in love, I’m a sucker for them actually, but Maureen and Smith were frustrating at times, mainly Maureen. Even when it was clear to all the freaking town how Smith felt about her, she was still doubting it so much because she felt that no one could love her… I mean… NO!!! Girl, the guy was practically throwing himself at you by this point in the story… oh well.

The romance is a a burn so slow, too slow, but it’s kind of nice too. Because they are friends, and because Smith ends up making friends with all the gang from the previous books too, and they have a huge weight on the story. And because Smith spends the whole book trying to prove how much he loves Maureen… it’s sweet. I even shed a tear or two (but to be fair, it was not because of them… damn you Meghan and Sam…).

All in all, it was a fun and sweet read, for a night I just needed something quick and with a happy ending :).