Movie of the Week: Ant-Man

I did it! I finally managed to go watch Ant-Man (last week)!!! 😀

I was a bit skeptical when the movie started (and sometime in the middle), but somehow the movie works. When I can get over the creepiness of all those ants, it is pretty spectacular. The fact that the first scene has Peggy Carter and Howard Stark, as well as a much younger Hank Pym, really warmed my heart! (Peggy Carter just has to be in all Marvel things now, right? It’s in her contract?)

The fact that the storyline wasn’t about saving the world, but was a heist, was ingenious and ultimately made the movie better, it stayed grounded, it showed that although Ant-Man has the potential, he’s not yet up to par with the Avengers. That’s “realistic” and it made the movie thoroughly enjoyable. Speaking of the Avengers, that scene with the Falcon was pure genius!

Paul Rudd is amazing! He’s so lovable and funny (but a kind of cute funny). Evangeline Lilly was alright as Hope, I look forward to see more of her as the Wasp 😉 ! I thought the “romance” was super well done, because it never takes from and center screen, actually, we don’t actually see the kiss, it totally blindsided me, though I had thought it would be obvious if they got together at some point.

Michael Douglas is pretty great as well as Hank Pym, and I loved his chemistry with Paul Rudd. Again, Paul Rudd is already a Marvel superhero!

If I had to pick a favorite scene, it would be that last part when Michael Peña’s Luis is telling Scott how Falcon’s looking for him… I cracked out laughing! He has some pretty amazing moments within the movie – I think some people in the theatre wasn’t really happy by my laughing sound – but that last scene stole it for me.

All in all, not my favorite Marvel movie, but definitely entertaining and worth the watch. And probably the one where I laughed the most (seriously, I think I was snorting at some point).

Movie of the Week – Avengers: Age of Ultron

Wow, I hadn’t posted about a movie in a while… oh well, here it is… When I got back to Portugal, after my trip to Brazil, I managed to include a visit to the Movie Theatre with my friend, to watch (by then, very late) the new Avengers movie.

avengers_age_of_ultron_2015_movie-wide (1)

Let me start of by saying that I loved the movie. Granted, I wasn’t as surprised and excited as the first one. It wasn’t as good story wise as Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But nonetheless, it was AWESOME! And for the life of me, I can’t understand all the hating towards it. Warning, there will be SPOILERS!

What I loved:

  • This movie was a Clint Barton fest and I was delighted by it. Hawkeye hasn’t been the center of attention in none of the other movies because he doesn’t have powers or lots of money, but here we see how much the team needs him and it’s glorious. Jeremy Renner was amazing.
  • The Vision is from now my favorite new Avenger, yup, no doubt about it. He’s like an upgraded version of JARVIS, he flies and he can create clothes… what’s not to love? Paul Bettany, who was present from the beginning of the MCU as JARVIS, was absolutely amazing as Vision and I can’t wait to see more of him.
  • Speaking of JARVIS, I will miss him most of all…
  • Thor and Tony comparing their wives (girlfriends, whatever), in a game of who’s better and more accomplished was hella cute and such a break from the usual system.
  • I really loved that Sam and Rhodes were at the party and I was really glad when War Machined showed up to fight. It would have been nice however to see Falcon there as well, given the wings and the fact that they were in the air… it would have helped.
  • Oh Captain America, poor baby, my heart breaks each time that he has a scene with Peggy Carter…
  • Pietro and Wanda Maximoff were pretty great. I was a bit wary about Quicksilver, given than just last year we saw a version of this character in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but I have to say, that even though Evan Peters’ Quicksilver was amazing and lots of fun, I kind of liked Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s version a bit more. I think they made Quicksilver more human, which makes sense, given that he was never without his sister.
  • Bromances all around! I love the Bruce/Tony bromance, but my heart gave a little jolt when Thor sided with Tony!!!
  • There were some amazing fight scenes!!! =D
  • The New Avengers!!! Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine, The Vision, Scarlet Witch and Falcon! Can’t wait to see them in action on Civil War!!
  • I really loved that Natasha was made Clint’s BFF and that his kids call her Aunt Nat… It was adorable…

What I wasn’t especially fond of:

  • The plot was really complex, which made the story seem confuse at times. I don’t know what they could have done differently to fix it… everything was important.
  • I wanted to slap Bruce Banner really hard… First, I don’t think they should have gone there with Natasha and Bruce, yeah they have some kind of weird chemistry, but they shouldn’t have implied that she would abandon everything to be at peace with him, I don’t think that’s in character for her, and it really bothered me.
  • Nick Fury. What the hell was he doing there? They did not need him, his lines could have been said by Maria Hill and his named dropped and that would be ok… no need to bring him there (especially because he’s supposedly dead!).
  • There weren’t enough outside shots of Iron Man. Most of Iron Man scenes were done inside the suit and I felt that the suit did not see much action.
  • Oh, yeah, Pietro dying?! Not OK people… not OK at all!!!

I guess this is it, I need to watch it a second time though 😀 !!!

Tiny Pleasures #3

This past week’s Weekly Small Pleasures


1. Going home

This past week I left São Paulo, Brazil and went back home. The journey in itself kind of sucked – 9h30min stuck in a metal tube with hardly any leg room… and worst, it was kind of a bumpy ride. Still, I watched a couple of episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal (I’m SO behind!), started on a new book, and landed in Lisbon, Portugal at 6 a.m. =)

2. Sleeping in my own big bed

This is one of the best things in the world… as soon as I got home from the airport, I brushed my teeth, put on my pajamas, said goodnight/morning to my dad, and went straight to bed.

3. 5SOS Concert

Just to be clear, all of these 3 first numbers happened on the same day. I travelled from Brazil-Portugal, slept and then I took my niece and her cousin to a 5 Seconds of Summer concert. I loved it! Not the screaming 14 years old, or the deafening noise they make, but I like the band and spending quality time with my two girls is always a plus.

4. Organizing my books, Ikea and assembling furniture

I finally had some time to organize my growing pile of books back at home – I’ll have to do it again soon when I merge that pile with the one here in Barcelona… After that I had to stop by Ikea to buy an extra shelf and a chest of drawers and then I had a fantastic time (and a few hand injuries) assembling that – I love it, I would be a happy woman if I had to do it very often.

5. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Finally!!! I was finally able to watch the new Avengers movie!!! I will write about it in the next couple of days, but those almost 3 hours, with a bucket of popcorn, were golden!

Marvel Posters: Vision

That took long! Way way too long, but hey, at least we got it! Marvel has finally released the official Vision poster from their character’s posters collection of the Avengers: Age of Ultron.


It looks pretty cool, although I have to admit that I still have no idea who this mysterious character is… just a little less than a month to find out though. Paul Bettany gives life to Vision, after a lot of movies voicing Tony Stark’s JARVIS!

Avengers: Age of Ultron posters

This week, the first poster for the Avengers: Age of Ultron came out.



Let’s face it, the poster is nothing much, but it did bring a bit of good news: Anthony Mackie and Hayley Atwell will be in it! Pretty excited about the Falcon! The Falcon and War Machine in the same movie?! Awesome!!! About Hayley, something tells me that it will be a flashback of some sort, because I can’t bear to watch another scene with old Peggy and young Steve… just no… 😦

In the meantime, Marvel has been releasing individual posters for some characters… And these are pretty amazing… still not sure why Black Widow looks like she just came from Tron, but hey… here they are!

ironman_avengers2_ 10981218_867328353325172_4808702934844764937_n 11025175_867328356658505_6445154888051535870_n 11025749_866873620037312_1115638256822329186_n 14727_867328359991838_5359143733559274330_n

A day of doing nothing and MARVEL movies

I love these days. It’s raining outside, I woke up super late and decided to do absolutely nothing! Having watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier on Friday, and resolving that I should go and watch it again soon, I decided to re-watch Captain America: The First Avenger, because it’s amazing the things you miss the first couple of times you see a Marvel movie, today was the first time I noticed Stan Lee’s cameo in this movie. So now, I’ll go ahead and watch The Avengers, IronMan 3 and Thor: The Dark World. It’s a MARVELous day!


Movie of the Week – Thor: The Dark World

I loved loved loved the second Thor, I dare say that I liked it better than the first one. Here are some reasons why…



Nº1 – A lot of action and Zachary Levi!

After the destruction of the Bifrost, Thor and his army are trying to restore peace to the 9 realms, which means a lot of fighting and they’re all looking great doing it! Bonus here: Zachary Levi is playing Fandral now. Although I do prefer Zack with his natural hair colour, it’s better than nothing!



Nº2 – So funny, Darcy!

I’m a self admitted Kat Dennings fan! She’s the only reason I watch 2 Broke Girls.

That girl is funny as hell. From the moment that she interrupts Jane’s date, or when she goes to get Selvig, or simple the fact that she, an assistant, got an assistant! She just cracks me up.

That said, she has some help on the comedy department from Stellan Skarsgård and Jonathan Howard, who play Selvig and Ian respectively.



Nº 3 – Marvel comes to London

I guess they destroyed enough of the United States, right? This movie is spent between London and Asgard. And when they bring those shields up in Asgard, I can swear that it looks similar to the images we see of Gallifrey… (but maybe that’s just the whovian in me…).



Nº4 – Malekith and Heimdall

Christopher Eccleston is amazing as Malekith and that voice, oh man! It’s hard to hear him and not think of The Doctor… =/

And Idris Alba?! I didn’t notice him that much on the first movie… but now…



Nº 5 – Loki

Not in this order, obviously, because Tom Hiddleston is a scene stealer. This is probably the only superhero movie franchise ever that the villain is way more popular than the hero. And that’s quite alright!

Tom is, as always, amazing in his role as Loki, and he even provides an pretty amazing Easter Egg, disguising himself as Captain America while he and his brother are escaping Asgard.

And, at the end, he finally gets what he always wanted: the throne (although not as himself, but we will have him any way we can). This is not so great when you realize that he most likely killed his own father.

Great scenes when he’s slapped by Jane and threatened by every single one of Thor’s friends.



Nº 6 – Frigga

Frigga (Rene Russo) is a real bad-ass! She stays with her son Loki, even though her husband does not allow it, she saves Jane and puts a hell of a good fight  against Malekith, scaring him for life, and after she dies, she gets a funeral worthy of bringing tears to anyone who sees it.



These are just some, but the whole movie is a treat… I’ve seen it a while back now, and I’m dying to have another go at it! Anxiously waiting for the third installment now…